DJSF-045: A Censored and Handjob Movie: [“Seiko Swan Kyoko Takashima M Other Man Is To Be Handjob While Being Scolded By Beautiful Mature Woman”] Jerked and scolded by a beautiful matured woman


Some say a man would do anything to have his cock played with. Well, hello. Welcome to a man’s world. Now what would you say to getting a handjob from a beautiful matured woman who insists this is the best punishment she will administer for some problems you’ve caused her in the past? No problem, I’d say. Tell me again what I did wrong so I will come again and again to receive this punishment. That’s what I will tell her.

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DJSF-049: A Censored, Handjob and Ass-licking Movie: [“Two Were Asked To Have Got Handjob Anal Licking Dirty Beautiful Wife”] Getting a handjob and your ass licked at the same time


This is one offer you are most unlikely to walk away from. The matured woman wants to lick your ass, and also jerk your cock. In fact she wants to undertake both at the same time. Let a girl offer such a proposition and there is a good chance I will let her have complete access to all my kingdom’s secrets.

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EDGD-148: A Censored, Sensuri/Masturbation Support, Femdom, handjob and Blowjob Movie: [“Do Not Have Wanted To Look Humiliated By A Group Of Small Girls Raw?”] What about being captured, humiliated, teased, jerked, sucked and then fucked by a group of short girls


Oh the humiliation and excitement of it all. Imagine being the center of attraction – or should I say, the center of a humiliation by a group of girls who order you to strip naked and then masturbate for their pleasure. If they are not making fun of you standing naked and wanking your cock for them these girls are busying themselves helping themselves to your cock with their hands, lips, and sometimes their pussy. They might even pee on you after all is said and done.

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TDMJ-20: A Censored and Blowjob Movie: [“Beautiful Mature Woman Blowjob Zanmai”] Beautiful matured women deep-throat cocks


Perhaps you have heard that bar saying, that young girls give better deep-throats. Baloney! Don’t believe that for a second. What sort of experience those young ones have. Trust an old foggy like me, the older a woman gets the better her throat gets at gagging, controlling reflexes and keeping cocks happy. Check these chicks out and tell me I am not preaching the gospel truth here.

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DANDY-326: A Censored, Blowjob, Handjob and Public Sex Movie: [“DANDY harassment and bullying works , 4 hours push and rubing erected penis to the Hitozuma wife,from the front side and the back side together, Nanpa and fuck the afternoon Hitozuma wife, near the husband’s presence ….”] A compilation of cock playing scenes


If you watch Dandy movies infrequently this would be just the perfect movie for you to get the best of Dandy, without having to watch hours and hours of scenes. The person who is new to Dandy movies could not have made a better choice than to check this sampling of scenes. The range is quite wide – from guys getting girls on the public train to give them handjobs and blowjobs to housewives giving panty peeps just so they could get their hands on some cocks. There are scenes of guys getting nurses to give them handjobs by showing them their erect cocks; guys sticking their cocks on the butts of girls waiting to take the elevator; and so on and on. Never a dull or unexciting moment in this 4-hour marathon of cock play.

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SDMT-908: A Censored, Senzuri/Masturbation Support and CFNM Movie: [“Visiting to the amateur girl’s home and playing masturbation and cum shoot freely in the presence of her hating such plays , without her understanding”]


The title says it all. You visit a friend who happens to be a girl in her place of residence. She could be in the kitchen, the living roo, the bathroom or the living room. Without warning you take your cock out and begin masturbating. She watches in horror and fascination, unsure whether to stop you or watch the proceeding with interest. She does nothing, and she watches you intently. Finally it is time to cum. where do you think these guys are gonna want to shoot their cum? I’m not telling! Excite yourself by checking it out for yourself.

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IENE-246: A Censored, Senzuri/Masturbation Support, Blowjob and Handjob Movie: [“Watching the AV actor’s masturbation onanie by the mothers, just he is a real son of one of the mothers“] Mothers end up watching their sons masturbate – now what will they do?


What is a horny mother to do when she hasn’t seen a hard cock for a long time and has almost forgotten the scent of cum? Naturally she would want to see some young stud take his cock out and play with it for her pleasure. So these MILFs end at a place where such desires could be fulfilled. And guess who shows up to masturbate for the mother and her friend? You guess it, none other than her very own son. But she has not come this far to turn back without seeing a show. So the son has to put on the show. Out comes the cock and the hand. Now that the son is masturbating for their pleasure what do you expect the mother and her friend would do? My guess is better than yours. Better your guess by watching the movie.

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DANDY-327: A Censored and Public Sex Movie: [“An immoral and sexual frustrated woman’s sexual trick, Body touch and closed to the school boy , even if her breasts pushing in the crowded school boys bus”] Girls use bags of tricks to suck, jerk and fuck cocks on the public bus


It is the kind of commute you will welcome any day, even on a bad day. The girls have signed up to a challenge – to get on the public bus, stand close to some guy and lean against him with their breasts and butt and everything else they have got that the guy would have no alternative than to give them their cock to play with. So right there in the middle of the crowded bus you see the girls reaching out to touch the front of the guy’s pants (trousers), unzipping it and taking the cock out to play with it. Remember this is a very crowded bus with people all over the place. so they have to be very quiet, and yet persistent and erotic. That is what makes this latest Dandy movie so exciting – it has intrigue, voyeurism and of course raw sex in a very public place.

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RCT-484: A Censored and Cock Play Movie: [“Lady announcers, Immoral and erotic happening scenes…”]


This movie is a potpourri of scenes, using some of the most successful RCt plots. Take the scene of the lady broadcaster, for instance. There she is in the broadcast booth reading the news. But no sooner have we seen in a serious mood reading the news than she is completely naked. A moment later a guy appears, takes off her pantie, lift her up from her seat, set himself on the seat and set her on him, his cock driving through her pussy. But even as she gets fucked our lady announcer keeps reading the news. Fucking awesome, isn’t it? Then there is the scenes of the tv food presenter visiting with a famous chef. She slips something into the menu and whilst the cameras roll on she unbuttons his pants (trousers) take out his cock and begins sucking on it. Like I said this is a movie with many plots. Each has its peculiar attraction and charm. Each will thrill you beyond measure.

Size: 1.926 gb
Format: mp4
Duration: 03:33 hrs (223 minutes)
Release Date: 2013/03/23
Cast: Hatano Yui, Kanou Ayako, Noma Anna, Kawahara Misaki, Mizumi Saki *
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 720×396 29.97fps [Video Media Handler (eng)]
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 127kbps [Sound Media Handler (eng)]


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DJSF-024: A Censored and Blowjob Movie: [“ Blow MILF To Deep Nipple While Messing Around With Both Hands”] MILFs who live to give blowjob whilst messing around with your nipples with both hands


I hope you can handle this situation – your cock is inside this woman’s mouth and her hands are teasing, twisting, and tweaking at your nipples. That is what this movie is all about. So now you know.

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