JUMP-050: A Censored, Senzuri/Penis Study, and Pure CFNM Movie: [“ Please Senzuri No.04 To Watch My Wife Only Apartment Complex”] Apartment complex MILFs are eager to see guys masturbate and cum

Horny beautiful MILFs living in a big apartment complex, with their husband away on business trips, for months on end. That’s a recipe for trouble. Now comes this guy or guys who want to show these women their hard cocks and masturbate for their pleasure. Would they be interested? Of course, said these women. Some f them even brought their cameras to snap the momentous occasion; for posterity, perhaps!
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JUMP-043: A Censored, Senzuri/Masturbation Support and Pure CFNM Movie: [“No.01 Senzuri, Please Watch My Wife Only Apartment Complex”] Getting Matured Women from an apartment complex to watch you masturbate

Care to know how to get some matured women who live in the apartment complex close to you to watch you masturbate? You need a van, first of all. And a persuading voice. And something else…. Something you would get from watching the movie itself. A short but sweet CFNM movie.
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RCT-636: In High Resolution: A Censored, Teasing and Ass-Job Movie: [“Indecent Rode style Stripping dance with much sexual talking”] Dirty talking cuties give lap dances in which they tease and taunt cocks with their pussy lips and ass cheeks

If you have had a lap dance at a club this movie will bring back great memories. There is one thing you would have in this movie which you could never have at the club, you are the only audience for the girl and short of inserting the cock inside her pussy she goes all the way to please, and shall we say, and drive you insane. The dance moves are just as you might get at the club. but in this movie the girls strip to their panties, bring their ass cheeks to the cock and rub hard and aggressively against the exposed cock. they do the same with their pussy lips. Their next move, to strip completely naked and move the ass rubbing and pussy lip rubbing a step up. You might need all your will-power to prevent yourself from shooting your wand at their sexy, gyrating images on the screen.
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RCT-635: In High Definition: A Censored, Nurse Fetish and Reverse Role Movie: [“Immoral and lecherous nurse's semen hunting and Nakadashi sex”]

What can a man on a hospital bed do to escape from the clutches of an aggressive, seductive, sex-hungry, semen-driven nurse? Nothing! Simply nothing. Why? Just watch this movie and you will see how these nurse collapse the will-power of the strongest man with their wily, sexy ways; how they manage to get the cock hard and how once the cock gets hard it is simply bye-bye to all will-power.
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RCT-633: A Censored, Public Sex and Reverse Role Movie: [“School girl Chikan, molester, hunting penis and semen by baby face, Lolita, young school girl, with much sexual talking”] Schoolgirls hunting for cocks to suck, jerk and fuck on the public train

What is the world come to? Or should we say, why doesn’t live imitate porn? Perhaps this might be the wave of the future. How nice! The schoolgirls are all lolitas. That is, they are young women trapped in baby-faces and smallish looking bodies. Trust us, these are veteran cock handlers. In any case we see them board the underground train. And the first thing we notice is how they get the attention of the men they plan to get. They rub their ass against them. Sure they do. They lift their skirts to show them what is under the hood. Oh yes they do. You can bet your last yen on it, these girls have no hesitation sucking and jerking these guys on the train. As for the fucking part, well they let themselves be dropped off at the next station and then find the next available lovers nook (be it an alley or public toilet) to fuck the guys.
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CFNM-004: A Censored, Blowjob, Thigh-Job, Teasing and CFNM Movie: [“Tsuuno Miho Secret Of CFNM Clothing”] Tsuuno Miho demonstrates the secret of a a fuly clothed women using her charms to make cocks hard and play with them

This girl is not just a beauty, she is also a charmer. She has a smile that could blind the sun. Seriously. Her smile will surely warm you up; but it is her sexy moves that will really get you all roused up. The way she struts around, bend, and sits are all calculated to move you. Then comes those moments when she has a cock to please. In one scene she has her arms tied behind her whilst she makes love to a cock with her mouth. In another scene she makes her sweet thighs available for the guy to rub his dick against. When she does fuck a cock she makes sure not to remove her panties; instead she cuts a hole in the front of the panties and let the guy slid inside through the opening. Just charming!
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SDDE-361: A High Definition Movie: A Censored and Fantasy Movie: [“Nakadashi resort hotel, sex penetration services for you”] Resort hotel which promotes its services by offering customers penis care and sex

What about that! What does that resort you keep going to, year after year, do to keep you? A gift certificate. Bonus mileage! How do those compare to the services deployed by the hotel in this movie. They don’t send the girls just to the rooms to make cocks happy. The services could even begin in the hotel lobby. So now you know what to put in the suggestion box next time you are at that resort you frequent. Who knows, someone up the chain of command might just agree with your suggestion.
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SDDE-360: In High Resolution: A Censored and Fantasy Movie: [“Immoral house keeper's penis care service”] Housekeepers who take care of the cock, instead of household maintenance

Imagine that! Let someone put some such listing in the yellow pages and the phone line would be jammed with calls. Forget about cleaning up the house, or taking care of the kitchen or cleaning up the bathroom. Who cares! The housekeeper doesn’t care, and her employer couldn’t be bothered to care about those either. Who initiates the contact? What about a housekeeper who cleans the floor in short dress, with her butt way up in the air! What about a housekeeper who volunteers to wash up the man of the house in the bathroom. You get the drift? Fun and exciting movie to watch when you are in the mood to be entertained and excited.
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RCT-634: In High Definition: A Censored, Incest and Fantasy Movie: [“Father and daughter, SUMATA pussy rubbing, then penis insertion and make Nakadashi internal ejaculation”] When porn fathers and their daughters engage in sexual horse plays that lead to pussy fucking and internal ejaculation

How does it all start? It starts when we have a group of porn families who have no problem fooling around with each other. The father would take his dick out and the daughter would let him rub the dick all over her ass and pussy lips. Inevitably the rubbing leads to heavy breathing, which in turn leads to excited desires, which in turn leads the cocks where cocks want to go, inside the pussy. The final result, the father’s ends up inside the ‘daughter’s’ pussy and cums inside it too.
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DVH-647: A Censored and Blowjob Movie: [“Job interview bytes immediately behind the married woman! !Without immediately! !”] Housewives arrive to interview for jobs and end by blowing cocks

We have always wanted to be a job recruiter. Now we know why we always wanted to be a job recruiter. The perks of the job surpasses anything we have seen anywhere, including being President or King. Take what happens in this movie, for instance. The applicants are all housewives who want to re-enter the job market. After being out of the career track for so long one wonders what they will put on their resumes. It turns out they have been honing some important skills whilst they have been watching the home front. They have become blowjob experts. Well, that’s what they say on the resume. Now, you know there is only one way to find out if there is any truth in what they say. By letting them blow the job interviewer’s cock.
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