NFDM-243: In High Definition

NFDM-243: In High Definition: A Censored, Femdom, Handjob and CFNM Movie: [“Punishment From The Guards Forced Fire Woman”] Female prison guards punish prisoners with verbal abuse and handjobs

What do prisoners who commit an infraction get where you live? Time in confinement? Withdrawal of privileges? Well, the prisoners in this movie were caught insulting a male prison guard. The female guards in charge of the prison decided to punish the culprits. Some punishment! What would call forcible handjobs? What would you call being made to jerk in front of three cute women? Oh sure they were verbally abused by the guards, but hey, with this kind of punishment we all could use some time in the cooler.
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AGEMIX-083: A Censored, CFNM and Ass-job Movie: [“Zurikoki Ass Black Girls Shaking Hips “] Deeply tanned girls make cocks cum by rubbing their ass on the cock

You’d had better put on some yellow jacket. I guarantee you, you will be jealous. Jealous beyond measure. Most especially if you are the kind that gets a kick out of girls rubbing themselves on you. Now it is one thing to have a girl lean on you or rub her body against yours. Heck, that happens on the bus all the time and nobody goes home over-excited over the experience. Now, what about the girl hitching up her dress, or ditching her pants (trousers) and wearing only her panties (and a sexy one at that) and rubbing her soft, sexy ass against your hard dick! That will surely make you happy, wouldn’t it? Happy and excited. The girls who engage in this delicious cock play are tanned, deliciously tanned. And here is the even more sweeter news – they like you to spray your cum all over their tanned ass.
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AGEMIX-082: A Censored, Footjob, CFNM and Pantyhose Fetish Movie: [“Footjob Strike Black ~ Ju Belo “] Pantyhose footjob by girls who really know how to work cocks and make them cum with their legs and feet

Anyone who considers himself (or herself – hi ladies) a connoisseur in foot-job cannot claim any expertise in that fine art unless they have seen this movie. That’s my view. Watch it and you will see what I mean. Very few performances of the delicious art can excel what Azumi Mizushima and her friends do in this flick. A preview for you – they can lie on the floor on their back, raise their legs and work the cock from that position; they also like to use the back of the middle portion of the leg, where the femur meets the fibula to work cocks. I could go on and on. Here is the deal, if the prospect of a cute girl wearing pantyhose and using her pantyhose feet and leg to work your cock into cummin all over her leg and feet appeals to you make time for this movie tonight, and the night that comes after too. It will rock your world like no other movie you have seen in recent times.
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AGEMIX-080: A Censored, CFNM, Footjob and Pantyhose Fetish Movie: [“Job II Muremure Leg Full Of Black School Girls Strike”] Black stocking wearing school girls work cocks with their legs

This is the movie for you all lovers of girls with beautiful legs. It is also the movie for the foot-lovers among us. Yep, those of us who like to have female legs playing footsie with cocks and balls. Now imagine cute girls in nice, sexy black stockings who are willing to use any part of their leg (and sometimes their hands and lips) to work cocks into cummin. That’s the kind of girls we meet in this movie. Girls with names like Kana Ohori and Hina Maeda who do not hesitate to use their shin, feet, even the sole of their feet… in a word any part of their leg to work a cock into spewing out cum and making guys happy.
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ZBSD-02: In High Definition

ZBSD-02: In High Definition: A Censored and Ass-Lovers Movie: [“Akari Hoshino Ass World”] Akari Hoshino causes cocks to go berserk worldwide with her big, sweet ass

Are you a doubting Thomas when it comes to the power of a woman’s behind to cause you to miss a step or two, and make you say “ship”, when you really are looking at a crocodile? If that is true then this is just a reason explanation for your stance. You are yet to meet Akari Hoshino’s behind. It is big, but it is sweet; it jiggles but it is shapely. The first thing yu would want to do when you first set eyes on it is to bury your face up that ass. You will plenty of guys do it in the movie. Next thing is to rub your cock all over it. you will see guys do that too. And when you do fuck her you would want to have her back turn you; that too was the choice of the guys in this movie.
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PCHA-058: A Censored and Reverse Role Movie: [“Be played with Japanese spaniel co-o to two mucchimuchi voluptuous Slut, and keep, and semen shoots!”] being the sex toy of two plus-size women who want to see cocks shoot as much cum as possible

Well, are you ready for a super-size ride? This ride will go down in the history books for many reasons. You have two plus-size women working you over. This women have a formidable presence and will not take a “no” for an answer. They will do whatever they have to do – with their hands, tits, mouth and pussy – to get you to empty all the cum from your balls. You think you can go toe to toe with them? Well, get on board and may the erotic gods be with you!
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Kin8tengoku-1125: May in a threesome with two Japanese dudes

Kin8tengoku-1125: An Uncensored and Interracial Movie: with blonde bombshell May in a threesome with two Japanese dudes
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Paco: 081612-716-Paco: Group of Matured Women gang up on a single male

Paco: 081612-716-Paco: An Uncensored, Handjob and Orgy Movie: Group of Matured Women gang up on a single male
Pacopacomama 081612_716 – Nene Ogura and other

What about it, huh! A group of MILFs, looking as lovely and sweet as you ever would wish, get together to strut their stuff and play with a young cock. after fucking him they jerk him into cummin all over their hands. Nene Ogura is one of the women featured.
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MDB-564: A Censored, Titty-Job and Omnibus Movie: [“Fucking Love Cum Launch” ~ Not Soft!2”] Tit-fuck by big tits

This is not a pure titty-job movie. The girls also use their mouths and hands and pussy to work cocks. Nevertheless it is what the girl do to cocks with their big titties that will get your attention. When they oil up their bazooka-size breasts and plant a boob on each side of the dick you can tell by the look on their faces that these girls are not just making their living, but also doing something they love and enjoy.
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GIGL-073: A Censored, Senzuri/Masturbation Support, CFNM, Handjob and Facial Movie: [“Fuckable Or The In Estrus Is Not Likely To Mass Bukkake Sudden Erotic Candid Amateur Nampa Nampa Mamatomo Nurses! ?”] Inviting cute amateur girls to come watch guys masturbate, having them help with the masturbation and suddenly cummin on the face of one of them

Naughtiness meets awesomeness in this movie. It the kind of theme any regular heterosexual high school senior would claim authorship of, with pride and satisfaction. Get some cute amateur girls inside a specially equipped studio, take off your pants (trousers), take your dick out, start playing with it, invite one of the girls (or even all the girls) to extend a hand and help with the masturbation; then of a sudden direct the dick in the face of one of the girls and spray cum of it. Pure fun. Pure excitement. Pure eroticism, high school fashion.
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