KMI-103: A Censored, Ass-Job and Pantyhose Fetish Movie: [“Me, My Girlfriend, And The Race Queen Yui Oba”]KMI103
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BF-455: A Censored, Multiple Girls/Single Guy and Reverse Role Movie: [“The Ultimate Double Sluts Continuously Pleasure One Man Together. AIKA Asahi Mizuno”] The ultimate tag team at work – with Aika and Asahi Mizuno using just about every part of their gorgeous bodies to prolong and extend the pleasure they giveBF455
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EKW-014: A Censored, Senzuri and Reverse Role Movie: [“M Man Kung Apartment Key, Lend. Asahi Mizuno”] Asahi Mizuno makes home visits to incite men to masturbate, and then help them cum – with just about every part of her great bodyEKW014
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OOMN-055: A Censored, Incest, Handjob, Blowjob and Senzuri/Masturbation Support Movie: [“Our Family Of 4 Hours 40 Mothers Masturbation Son To Get Horny”] 4 hours of mothers supervising their ‘sons’ masturbate and helping them cumoomn00055
Check this out. Son arrives home all tired and worn out. Porn-mommy meets him at the door, embraces him and tell him to drop his pants and start playing with himself. The sons obeys and as he touches himself mom focuses her big, dark eyes on his cock. she begins to touch her breast. And now she heaves herself forward, touches the cock with her lips. As she does so junior let go of his own hand and mommy takes over the cock. So there you have it, the theme of this movie. Mothers encouraging their ‘sons’ to masturbate, touching and playing with themselves and then taking over the cock to help junior to cum. The moms use their hands and mouths to help junior along.
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OOMN-037: A Censored, Matured Women/Young Men and Handjob Movie: [“50 Bosei Mature Woman Handjob four hours discharge”] 4 hours of handjobs with 50 matured womenoomn00037A.wmv_snapshot_00.00.02_[2013.12.25_03.09.20]
Fifty (50) matured women – that is MILF for those in the know – working cocks with their hands! Now that’s a show you don’t want to miss. Most especially if you want you your handjob administered by caring and experienced hands. The MILFs represented in this collection come in all shapes and sizes and age groups. One thing for sure about them though, they know the power of their hands and they know how to use them to empty cocks of all semen.
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ATFB-043: A Censored and Blowjob Movie: [“Testicles Shrink In Ultra-vacuum Suction With Eating Turtle Blow”] They use their mouths like a vacuum machine to suck cum out of the cockatfb00043-atfb00043jp-1
You know how vacuum machines work, right! The way they suck in everything on the floor, scooping everything, and whirring and whinning repeatedly as it does so. The girls in this movie work like vacuum machines once they get the cock inside their mouths. They simply do want to let go of it until they have scooped every trace of semen inside it. They bend, knee, lie on their back, do just about everything you can imagine to maintain their mouths on the cock. As stated, they don’t let go until the balls have been wiped clean and dry.
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ATFB-037 : A Censored and Senzuri/Masturbation Support Movie: [“The Bitch Girls who support man’s masturbation , Ona-Helper”] Horny girls who helps guys masturbate and cum, without fucking them
The would not use their pussy on the cocks that appear in this movie. They don’t need to. The theme is of the movie instead calls for them to do other things to help the guys. They have several options to choose from: using their eyes to follow the cock; touching the cock and balls or any other part of the guy now and then; letting the guy touch them now and then; sitting on the guy’s face whilst he masturbate. The list goes on and on. The interesting thing about the movie are the different innovative ways the girls come up with to help the masturbating boys. It will blow your mind into smithereens, I tell you.
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CHN-104: IN HIGH DEFINITION: A Censored, Big Tits Fetish, Perfect Body and Fantasy Movie: [“Renting New Beautiful Women Act 57 Mion Sonoda”] Mion Sonoda’s body is all yours – to rent and enjoychn00104
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XXX-AV 22528

XXX-AV 22528: An Uncensored, CFNM and Blowjob Movie: Busty Aizawa Haruka gives a great blowjob whilst fully clothedxxx-av-22528_00_08_47_00019
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XRW-173: A Censored, Pantyhose Fetish, Intercrural Sex and Footjob Movie: [“Sluts Go Commando In Lotion-Soaked Pantyhose To Grind Cocks Against Their Bare Pussies”] Girls in lotion-soaked pantyhose grind their pussy lips on cocks, and/or use their feet to make the cock spurt cumXRW173
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