TDBR-10: A Censored, Blowjob and CFNM Movie: [“Shibuya Gal Gal Sun Retsuden Super Blow Ver} Blowjobs by heavily tanned girls wearing sun glasses

How would like to receive a blowjob from a heavily tanned girl sporting sun glasses? Pretty quirky, isn’t it. Well, if they say blondes have more fun, then we say here and now that tanned girls have the best way of making a cock happy with their lips. Personally I find the sun glasses quite a turn on. It gives these girls a star quality. Did we mention they want the guys to spray their sun glasses with cum?
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AGEMIX-092: A Censored and Handjob Movie: [Bero Kiss, Sundome Tekoki”] They like to use their tongues on guys, jerk them, stop when the guy is about to cum, and then jerk them into cummin

We have some wild, tease and denial girls in the house today. First they stick their tongues out and run it all over the guy, and whilst doing so they reach out to take control of their cocks with their hands. So there you have it, girls who like to use their tongues and jerk cocks at the same time. But wait, the story is not finished yet. There is another thing about these girls. They stop the cock stroking just as the guy is about to cum…. why? To increase the desire? To make the guy beg for more? But then they are soon back at it… jerking the guy into cummin all over their hands. Simply fabulous!
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AGEMIX-091: A Censored, CFNM, Pantyhose Fetish and Thigh-job Movie: [“I Want To Blame Him In The Knee Just Had Knee Strike Command In Black!”] Girls wear pantyhose and use their thighs to jerk cocks

Girls in sexy black pantyhose inviting guys to come and rub their cocks on their thighs! Girls in black sexy pantyhose trapping cocks in between their thighs and rubbing the thighs together! Girls in sexy black pantyhose jerking guys into cummin all over their pantyhose! That’s the stuff of this movie. If these pictures do not whet your appetite, I don’t know what else might.
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YAB-077: A Censored, Blowjob and Bukkake Movie: [“In Large Quantities, Please Bukkake Mouth Can Not Live Without S ... My Semen Other.”] Igawa Yui cannot live without semen

What a girl wants, a girl gets. When a girl says she has to have a cock in her mouth every minute of the day, she gets her wish. If a girl says she wants to be facialized, she gets her wish fulfilled. When a beautiful girl wants to be literally drowning in cum, the world must stop and heed her call. Igawa Yui is not a girl to be denied. She has all it takes to make men drop their pants and give her their cocks to suck. Very often a single cock would not do for her. Give her two, three, four cocks and she will work her magic on them all to give her what she wants – cum all over her face.
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AGEMIX-094: A Censored, CFNM and Titty-Job Movie: [“Paizuri breasts rubbing with the lotion and the turtleneck sweater”] When big titty women wear turtle-necks, smear it with oil and use it to jerk cocks

This movie is simply too unreal to have been dreamed up by mere mortals. We think the old Greek gods has something to do with it. The first thing you notice about the woman are big boobs. the second thing is how tight the turtle-neck she is wearing is. Now comes the ticklish part, when she smears oil on the front of the turtle-neck, around the area where her boobs are located. Then she invite the guy to come close with his hard cock. the guy plants the cock in the outline of the crack between the boobs, the woman brings the boobs together with her hands and begins to rub the boobs on the cock. Titty-job, folks, of the most wacky kind. Of course these women expect the guys to spray the front of the turtleneck with cum. What else did you expect?
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JFD-17: A Censored, Ass-Lovers, Blowjob, Handjob and Femdom Movie: [“Confinement Fetish!! Women Blow Job Ass Eating Oysters”] Naoko Oosako keeps men tied up at home to sit on their face and administer blowjobs and handjobs on them

Ths is by far one of Oosako Naoko’s greatest movies. She is in total control of her materials, and the men featured alongside her. We first see her dancing on front of a guy in deathful fear of her. she is wearing a dildo, and apparently the guy fears she might use it on him. she doesn’t. in fact she never uses the dildo in any of the scenes. What she does instead is to tie up the hands of the guys she brings home, undress them, suck their dick, force them to eat her pussy, sit on their face, and then widly jerk them into cummin. This large-size woman has the agility of girls twice her size. If you are the kind that like flesh on your woman she will satisfy you in all the right places, and then some.
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NFDM-296: A Censored, Handjob, Footjob, Incest, Panty-Job and Femdom Movie: [“It Was Allowed To Ejaculate Many Times Are Over Finally Piss That Has Been Enslaved Being Held Weaknesses To Cute Sister”] Rabu Saotome turns her ‘brother’ into a sex toy after she discover him sniffing her panties

What a way to treat your sex slave. Jerked by hand. Jerked with panties. Foot-jerked. This girl is wild. She believes her porn-brother really deserves all this ‘punishment’. You see, she found him sniffing her panties and decided the best way to teach him a lesson was to subject his cock to all these ‘punishments’. Some punishment, huh! To make him cum with her hand, with her panties wrapped the cock, and with her feet. but wait, that’s not all. She fucks him in the last scene. she does something else too. After she was all done with him, she stood over him and sprayed golden showers all over him. Way to go, girl!
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KTDS-704: A Censored, Blowjob and Girls in Glasses Fetish Movie: [“Pretty Girls with Glasses: Non-Stop Blowjobs”] Beautiful girls in glasses give nice, non-stop blowjobs

Well, you heard it said again and again – boys never make passes at girls who wear glasses. Maybe it is no longer a truism where you are. But over here it is still observed. But that is because such girls tend to be nerdy and bookish. They would rather talk about philosophy than give you a blowjob. Not in the nice looking girls in this movie. Yes they wear glasses, but they also happen to give some of the best blowjobs you would ever see on screen. And here is the thing about these special girls – once a cock enter their mouth they don’t let go until they have drained it of cum. sometimes they even like the guy to paint their faces with cum. How about that, huh!
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JAMD-005: A Censored, CFNM, Femdom and Handjob Movie: [“2 M Be A Man Forced A Woman Handjob Clean S”] Wild girls restraint guys and jerk their cocks

The first thing you will notice about this movie is the total control the girl exercise over the guys in each scene. This control is demonstrated either by having the guy all taped and tied up, or on the floor on his back with another girl sitting on his face. Because of the control the guys have no say in what happens to their cock. And that would be just fine with you. For soon you will see the girls make a grab for the cock and begin to give it long, purposeful strokes. The stroking and tugging and jerking of the cock never stops until the guy cums all over the girl’s hands, sometimes all over himself.
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IMPC-005: A Censored, Solowork, handjob and Blowjob Movie: [“Yui Hatano Exquisite Beauty Is Soooo Rina Also Blame!Tsu Want To Launch The Semen Enough To Go Mad With Him Post-mortem Erection ○ Ji Po! !”] The beautiful Yui Hatano is a march to subdue cocks and drain them of cum with her hands, mouth and pussy

This movie represents the incomparable Yui Hatano at her best. She is the sole star in the movie, not counting the men of course. Throughout the scenes she runs a colorful commentary with her mouth that cool and subdue the Hercules in you. She is simply irresistible and no matter how tough the guy might appear she ends up draining his cock of every drop of cum it stores. Her weapons of choice in this movie are her hands, her mouth, and in some cases, her pussy. This girl, who has been on the JAV scene a few years now has a terrific body. It is said that she moved from Kyoto moved to Tokyo to make her debut, and she has never turned back.
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