ATFB-008: A Censored, CFNM, Femdom and Handjob Movie: [“Tighten a pinion from the rear; Handjob”] Pin and restrain the guy and then milk him from behind

They either have some sort of restraint around the guy’s waist or use their hands to pin him down. Whatever method these girls use the guy is completely and total under their domination, and they milk every moment of that power. They use their hands to work the cock but this no ordinary sock stroking. The methods these girls use and their demeanor is more akin farmers milking a cow than regular girls making cocks happy with their hands. Because they work the cock from behind this gives the movie an even more exciting feel than what it otherwise would be.
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UGUG-056: A Censored and Reverse Role Movie: [“Hole Mom Comfortable Than Ma ● Call’ll Tell”] MILFs who hang around the public restroom to play with cocks and fuck them

If you are a woman on the haunt for some cock to fuck what better place to set up shop than the public rest-room. That is where men come to unbutton and unzip their pants (trousers); that is where the woman is likely to see the cock she likes; that is where the men would be unable to resist their charms. After all what can a man do when the woman stealthily comes up from behind him and grabs his cock the moment he takes it out to pee. With her hand firmly around the cock she could make the man do anything. That is what these MILFs do in this movie. Check out the first scene – the MILF spots a guy in crutches trying to use the public urinals. She offers to help him pee since he obviously cannot do much for himself. So what does she do? She pulls down his pants for him, and then under the pretext of guiding the cock so he doesn’t miss his mark she begins to stroke it. She had the guy cornered, bagged and completely under her spell. Of course she fucked him in the end, as all the other women in this movie do; that is after she had played with the cock quite a bit with her hands and lips.
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ATFB-265: IN HIGH DEFINITION: A Censored, Ass Lovers, Ass-Job, Handjob and Omnibus Movie: [“Human Bullet T-back Big Ass Bomber Uehara Hanakoi”] With her great ass accentuated by a T-back underwear Karen Uehara makes cocks go crazy – she responds teasing and working the cocks with her hands, ass cheeks

Karen Uehera has never looked more inviting and delicious and playful. Her body has never looked so fresh and young. She appears slightly tanned in this movie and it shows most particularly on the backside. Ah the backside. This movie is all about her backside and how she uses to attract men and hold them spellbound and captive. You don’t have to be an ass-man to be captivated by her boot shaking, and most especially the picture she creates when she turns her back to the camera to display the profile created by the T-back underwear she has on. She is simply sensational and irresistible. Guys who appear in the movie could not escape the allure and call of her great behind. In the first two scenes she used her hands to show her appreciation to the guys for their attentions to her ass. The third scene is all about her and her ass. she wiggles them, shakes them and turning her back to the camera works a fake cock in a manner that have your perspiring with raw desire. The fourth scene is a combination of ass-job and blowjob. She saves the best for the last scene. She combined ass teasing with handjob, blowjob and pussy-fuck to finish off the lucky dyde.
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Heydouga 4152-001

Heydouga 4152-001: An Uncensored, CFNM, Blowjob and Handjob Movie: handjob and blowjob with cute amateur Nahomi
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Kin8tengoku-1254: An Uncensored and Interracial Movie: Cindy, vol 1
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Caribbeancompr-041715-176: An Uncensored and Interracial Movie: Bree Olson’s Cosplay play
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PTKO-036: A Censored and Interracial Movie: [“Japanese Fuck ! Russian Lolita Best 4 Hours”] 4-hours of sex with Russian girls
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OKSN-028: A Censored, Matured Women/Young Men, Big Breast Lovers, Breast-Feeding, Titty-Job and Incest Movie: [“All Of The Mother Marie Nakano”] What would it be like to have for a mother a doting mother with big lactating breasts who walks around the house almost naked

This is a real study in how far porn-motherly love would go. Marie Nakano is a fine figured woman, a real MILF, who likes to walk and work around the house half-naked. with her big breasts and great figure she would make any man take notice, let alone a young porn-son with his hormones raging. Now it also happens that this woman is the doting type, the kind who would do everything to make her children happy. So now imagine what their relationship in this household could be like. Or better yet, why not watch the movie and see how kinky things get – with a mother who is anxious to use get greatest asset – her lactating breasts – to make her son happy, and a horny son who just cannot enough of his porn-mother’s erotic attentions.
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FMES-024: A Censored and Handjob Movie: [Actually appeared to meet Miss AV collaboration project ★ sex shop!Handjob holy water”] Handjobs by girls eager to show their tekoki skills

The first scene happens in the bathroom. The girl closes in on the guy, grabs his cock and as she begins to squeeze and stroke it she edges her body ever closer to his. A few minutes later she takes up a position from the back, jerking the cock from behind. She was not done yet. Next she had the guy sit on the bathtub, she hovers over him and grabbing the cock begins to stroke it. she ends by jerking him from behind and having him empty the cum into the sink.In the next scene the girl had the guy against the wall. She begins by teasing him his chest with her tongue, and then slowly works her way to the underwear. She gets on her knees to take the cock in her hands the moment she pulls his underwear down. It is the beginning of what would prove to be a multi-pronged hand attack on the cock. The other scenes are equally exciting and special too.
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BOMN-078: A Censored, Big Boob Lovers, Tit-Job, Breast-Feeding, Handjob and Omnibus Movie: [“Boyne Shock Box Momoi Reno Best Four Hours Of Digital Mosaic Takumi 1020mmK Cup:] Busty Rino Momoi uses her greatest assets, her large-size breasts, to give pleasure all around

You like your boobs big? Here is someone who would give you more than you can handle. Great looking boobs to suck on whilst she jerks you. Malleable boobs to massage and play with. Melon-size boobs to massage your dick. And sweet-looking boobs that move and dance and sway when she is getting fucked. Rino Momoi has everything and does everything the big boobs lover wants, and more.
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