EQ-237: A Censored, Massage and Senzuri Movie: [“11 People Four Hours Obscenity Confronted By An Amateur Daughter At Work A Full Erection Was Dosuguro Dick”] Amateur girls attending on men in various fields are suddenly confronted by hard cocks – the men want them to help them get rid of the hard cock

The scenarios depicted in this movie varies from the massage parlor to the hospital bathroom. The women are assigned to help the men with one thing or another – massaging their bodies or looking after their health – when suddenly they turned to see the man take his cock out and start playing with it in front of them. Then the men plead with them to help them get rid of the hard cock. How did the girls respond? Watch and see for yourself.
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DVAJ-0066: A Censored, Handjob and Omnibus Movie: [“Terrible Tech Thereby Erection Immediately Ejaculation And Blood ● Port Kawakami Nanami”] Nanmi Kawakami offers high tech therapy for men premature ejaculation problems

Now, here is the women to see if you cum too soon, and too fast. Her techniques are acclaimed to be the most scientifically based. It is a combination of handjob and and some mouth and pussy work. Her emphasis is on the handwork though. She believes the hand is the best teacher in getting the cock to behave. She massages the cock with the palm of her soft hands, tease the cockhead with her fingertips and generally talk dirty to it. now and then she will resort to using her mouth or pussy to soften the cock up; but always it is with her hands that she disciplines the cock into holding on and convincing it not to cum too soon.
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DVAJ-0064: A Censored and Fantasy Movie: [“Lingerie Housekeeper Nagase Mami”] Mami Nagase is the maid who arrives to do her work dressed only in her lingerie
What about that, huh! A maid that arrives in the house wearing a beautiful scarf, bra, high heels and sheer stocking with lace top thigh high. This maid is not here to get her hands dirty, that’s for sure. She is looking forward to some plays, of the erotic nature. And that is exactly what you will see in this movie.
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DVAJ-0063: A Censored, Multiple Guys/Single Woman and Fantasy Movie: [“Adult Goods Women Employees Have Been Assigned To The Development Division South Eyebrows”] Mayu Minami is assigned to the Development Division of an adults goods manufacturing company: her duty is to help test their products

She is the lone woman in the test and development division of the adults goods company. This company makes items like dildos, masturbators and condoms. To ensure that their products all pass quality inspections our featured star is assigned to test them on herself and also on the men working in the department. You will be amzed and thrilled by her work ethics.
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DANDY-441: A Censored, Nursing Care, Big Boobs Lovers and Senzuri Movie: [“I’m Sorry “is The Chest On The Job Has Been Held Ji ● Port That Was Erection Because Of Their Per Dental Hygienist / Trainer / Nurse / Therapist Is Not Kobame Also Workplace Sex Is Too Sensitive In Large Breasts” VOL.1”] What happens when the dental hygienist, nurse, or therapist, or trainer working on your body cause your dickt to get hard, and then you start playing with yourself

They say that in the olden days, somewhere in the world, there was a law that says that when you cause a commotion in glass store and cause glasses to break you are held responsible for the damage. Perhaps that was a good law. Perhaps it wasn’t. But that is neither here nor there. What if a busty nurse or therapist or dental hygienist working on you keeps brushing her tits on your body and cause your dick to rise and get hard, and then refuse to back down? What do you do? Of course you take the dick out and start playing with it and then look in the nurse or trainer’s face and say “Look what you have done; now help me cool it off.” Trust us, that works; in this movie it worked each time on the women.
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AP-235: A Censored, Chikan, Big Tits Lovers and Public Sex Movie: [“The Big Massaging Shidaki And Rubbing Only The Big Boobs Busty Daughter That Can Not Be Hamstrung By Molester Crowded Train Until Sigh Leaks! !”] Guys follow busty women into the public train to fondle their big tits, and do more

It is always tempting, isn’t it, to get so focused on female heaving breasts that you forget about anything else. That is exactly what happens to some guys in this movie. They would come across women with big boobs and become hooked. They simply could not take their eyes off them. they follow them all the way into the train, took up positions behind them and then when an opportunity struck reached out to fondle their breasts. Not only that, they also get these women to play with their dicks. All right there in the middle of the crowded public train.
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WA-293: A Censored, Reverse Role, Public Sex and Matured Women/Young Men Movie: [“Married Invites Molester In Night High-speed Bus”] Sex on the night-time high speed bus, by invitation of the MILFs

Well, what else is there to say. The women are comely, the invitation comes with panty peeks and licking of lips. what more incentive does the boys need? None, none at all.
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SDDE-411: A Censored and Fantasy Movie: [“Immoral and lecherous Hotel’s service of penis care, we can make sex with beauty hostess, 12 cum shots freely for one stay”]

Where else can you stay in a hotel and get this kind of service as part of customer service? Remember, you are guaranteed to cum 12 times during your stay. And here is the thing – you choose the method. You could get by a combination of blowjob, handjob and pussy-fuck.
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RCT-766: A Censored and Fantasy Movie: [“Erotic Learning App Built-in Real Figures Released Hasumi Claire”] Kurea Hasumi as the real life mannequin guys buy in the store to bring home to satisfy their sexual fantasies

This movie really takes us into fantasyland. Kurea Hasumi is depicted as a toy or mannequin. She is programmable to work according to the wishes of whoever purchases her. What would you have her done for you, ot to you? Check the movie out for ideas on what she might do for, or to, you.
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SDDE-410: A Censored, Nursing care, Handjob and Omnibus Movie: [“Tekoki and sex Clinic, special full re-make version, 7 real nurses, Tekoki, mouth jobs and 5 sex, 15 cum shots! !”] Old and new hands join together in a remake of the original SODCreate Handjob Clinic

This movie is a return to the great and original SODCreate Handjob Clinic of the early late 1990s and 2000s. Those series were marvelous for their crisp and erotic themes that sometimes send tingles all through your system. The girls look good and were even better in getting you involved. You almost felt like one of the patients getting one of their special treatments – a heavenly handjob, or a pussy-fuck. This movie evokes the same feelings. The actions are similar – patients getting great handjobs for their various ailments, and also the occasional pussy-fuck.
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