JFB-055: A Censored, Blowjob, Tit-Job, Ass-Job, Footjob and Omnibus Movie: [“Goi Live Slut Blame 48 Volley Feels About Waist To Knock”] A collection of wild girls using just about every part of their body to make guys cum

This movie has multiple scenarios, but a single theme. The theme is for the guys to cum. The multiple scenarios has to do with the women using just about every part of their body to make the guys cum. some use their ass cheeks; some use their mouth; some use their boobs; a few use their pussy. This movie is great for those times when you want to be tickled and amused and then excited by girls doing different things and using various parts of their body to make guys cum.
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JFB-046: A Censored, Ass-Lovers and Face-sitting Movie: [“Ass Meat Of 50 People Looming!Facesitting Pressure Of The Fascination”] 4-hours of face-sitting involving 50 women with beautiful asses

What about that, huh! A gorgeous woman with a beautiful ass wanting to use your face as a chair and masturbating tool! How could you say no to such an appetizing offer. And here is the thing about these women – they don’t only promise to dance on your face, they may also indulge themselves with an occasional handjob, ass-job, and even a pussy-fuck. Now, say no to that we would be shipping you off to….. oh who knows!
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SUJI-059: A Censored and Blowjob Movie: [“Barely Legal Babe’s Mouth Rape”] Getting barely legal girls to give you a blowjob, deep-throating included

Well, you know what they say – the younger they are, the sweeter their mouths taste and work. These girls have just made it to the first stage of womanhood – they are now adults – barely – and for some of them this is the first time they have a cock in their mouth. How did they react? You be the judge.
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Kin8tengoku-1275 (VIP)

Kin8tengoku-1275 (VIP) – An Uncensored and Interracial Movie: JESSIE PALMER
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Heydouga-4141-PPV017: An Uncensored, CFNM and Handjob Movie: Cock massaging by cute Muchimuchi Kansai
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NASS-249: A Censored, Blowjob, Incest and Matured Women/Young Men Movie: [“Contact Mother-in-law Who Secretly Seduce Me. “And I Earnestly Sucking Ji ● Port While Wet Rubbing His Ma ● Co And Because I Just … “a Little.Owe Her Nodochi ● Co I Have I Have To Involuntarily Continuously Fired Rubbing!”] Mother-in-laws finally get the chance to get their mouths on the cocks of their son-in-laws

So here is how the story goes. The matured women, the mother-in-laws, have long harbored a longing for their sons-in-law cock. It has been a secret yearning for years. They have been doing everything to get their attention, without much success. What they wanted from their young men was not much, really! Their mouths on the young cock was all they wanted. Finally they had the chance to get what they wanted, and seized it. How did they do it? Watch and find out.
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JUFD-019: A Censored, Ass-Lovers, Face-sitting, and Omnibus Movie [“Ryoko Murakami’s Big Booty Game Plump Mature Woman Beauty”] Can you resist the amble ass of a good looking women like Ryoko Murakami

You may think you can, but trust us no heterosexual male worth his weight in gold can. One look at her profile, one glance at her beautifully sculptured behind and you would lose poise, as well as your determination. You would want to touch and squeeze that behind; you would want to plant your face up the crack of that ass; or rub your dick all over it; and fuck her doggie-style. And just as happens in the movie, she will let you. In fact she will let you do more.
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QYDL-001: A Censored, Foot-job and Thigh-Job Movie: [“Leg Pussy”] Over 3 hours of girls using their legs as pussy

How is that possible? A leg as pussy? Sure enough they will demonstrate that for you in this presentation. These cute girls are not the usual professional type – all polished and accomplished. They are amateurs all right, but don’t let that deter you a minute. They surely know how to use their entire leg, mostly their feet and thighs to work cocks. And for the icing on the cake, they sometimes have the guy splatter cum all over the thigh or feet. Yummy, wouldn’t you say?
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JUFD-197: IN HIGH DEFINITION: A Censored, Ass-Lovers, Face-sitting and Omnibus Movie: [“Panties line Tachibana Nao of the fascination that a Nice Ass tight skirt was transparent”] Tight-ass Nao Tachibana is going to drive you crazy with her tight, short skirts, teasing ways and cock handling skills

Are you ready for some hormone-shaking moments with one of the sexiest porn-star alive? Nao Tachibana is her name and cock playing is her past-time. In this movie she takes teasing to a level that will leave you panting almost every second. She chooses to tease us this time with her beautiful backside. She wears tight, short skirts and shows off her backside; she wants you want to do one of many things: bury your face up that ass, rub your dick on that ass, squeeze and massaged that ass till you get tired…… and so on and so on. All that and much more happen in this intoxicating movie.
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KAR-352: A Censored, CFNM, Blowjob and Matured Women/Young Men Movie: [“KARMA Nampa Corps Go!All Kaodashi Thanks!Beautiful Young Limited To Go Town!Tsu Will You Sore Fellatio Was Po Po Namename Tree Tree Licking The Cock Of One Get Along With Each Other Married Woman Thick W × 2 Blowjob Friend’s Mom!SP”] Tag teams of two married women are challenged to blow a cock into cummin

This movie is an amateur as it comes. The Karma crew went into town and talk to teams of married women into coming with them. Once they got settled at the studio the women were presented with a challenge – use their mouths on a young cock and make the guy cum. The women were amused at first, then they were intrigued and excited by the challenge. Each scene depicts each team of women rising to the challenge. Note each scene features two women and these women never take off their cloths.
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