EKDV-437: A Censored, Blowjob and Fantasy Movie: [“I Only Your Service Maid Shibuya Kaho”] Shibuya Kaho says she is at your service – as a maid – ready to do whatever your cock demandsEKDV437
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CWM-236: A Censored, CFNM and Blowjob Movie: [“Full-Body Lip”] When fully dressed women use their tongues and lips to work on men, from head to toe, concentrating especially on the dickCWM236
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ATFB-314: A Censored, Ass Lovers, Face-sitting and Reverse Role Movie: [“Meat Grenade Thong – Huge-Ass BOMBER Nanase Otoha”] Nanase Otoha puts on a thong and uses her backside to tease, taunt and cocks ATFB00314
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ATFB-313: A Censored, Reverse Role and Omnibus Movie: [“Fantasy Girlfriend’s Erotic Comfort She Likes to Pamper Her Boyfriend With Sexual Pleasure and Make Him Cum Mao Hamasaki”] Mao Hamasaki takes pleasure in making her boyfriend cum, whenever she wants and wherever, using just about every part of her bodyATFB00313
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ATFB-312: A Censored, Handjob, Blowjob and Reverse Role Movie: [“Brainy, Slutty Bitch Secretary – An Intelligent Secretary’s Extreme Perversions… Ayumi Shinoda
[ATFB-312 Brainy, Slutty Bitch Secretary – An Intelligent Secretary’s Extreme”] Ayumi Shinoda as the extremely intelligent, well organized and articulate secretary with an insatiable obsession: getting her hands on cocks and playing with themATFB00312
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ASFB-174: A Censored and Blowjob Movie: [“Fellatina – Slut Chika Arimura Wants to Suck Cock So Bad”] Chika Arimura is a fellation queen and in this movie she sets out to show us how she got that titleASFB00174
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SBVD-0306: A Teasing and Voyeur Movie: Erotic and Provocative moves with gravure idol Aya HazukiSBVD0306_00_05_02_00001
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ONED-939: A Censored, Blowjob and Bukkake Movie: [“Busty Juice ! Facial Shot Tornado In Momentum”] Girls who love to work cocks with their lips and hands so they may get facials
We hope you understand what this means. Those of you who do, we imagine, already have that impish look of anticipation lurking on your face. For those who don’t, here is how it goes. Facialization means spilling cum all over a girl’s face. Well, that’s what it means for us heterosexuals anyway. So the girls in this movie want their beautiful faces all spluttered with warm cum. They know the only way to get it is for them to work the work with their lips and hands. And work it they do. With some sensitivity, but with some becoming style as well. The moment the see the cock about to pour out cum their demeanor change, from one of impatience to one of excitement. Gee, we have never seen so many girls so anxious for cum to rain on them. Why they don’t teach things like this at school I don’t know. Our own thinking is that world peace could be furthered by some girls coaxing some powerful men to cum on their face. Just a thought, you know.
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SMX-016: A Censored, Ass-Lovers, Public Sex and Blowjob Movie: [“3 School Girls “ass””] schoolgirls who love to show off their ass and give blowjobs
Like their counterparts in SMX-004, the girls featured in this movie also have lovely, shapely, firm and young asses. They mind mind showing off in public places, having guys fondle and examine their ass cheeks and buttholes, giving blowjobs and having guys cum on their ass cheeks.
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APAV-003: A Censored, CFNM and Handjob Movie: [“Handjob Feeling Good But I Mean It To Be While Being Thoroughly Irritate”] These girls have too much fun with their handjobs – they jerk, tease, jerk, denial, tease … they want to play with the cock for as long as they canapav00003
Some girls are just simply devilishly but deliciously mischievous. They want to derive the maximum fun from a guy’s discomfort. Take the guys in this movie. Handjob is like playing games with them. If they had their wish they would be playing with the cock all day long. Endlessly teasing the cock, seeing the cock swelling and bursting to cum, and again and again disappointing the guy by suddenly stopping the stroking and thus preventing the cock from cummin makes these girls happy. Talk about cock control and cum denial. Not to worry though. These girls are not total bitches. They do allow the cock to cum eventually, but only at times of their own choosing.
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