FTN-028: A Censored and Interracial Movie: [“The Netora To 09”] 25-year old Amelia cheats on her husband with Japanese dudes
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DMOW-106: A Censored and Reverse Role Movie: [“Mow Basis Chinguri Cowgirl”] Girls who like to ride guys, reverse cowgirl style
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BLK-250: A Censored, Fantasy and Reverse Role Movie: [“Gal Cosplayer Group’s Creampie-OK Underground Concert AIKA Yurina Ayashiro“] Wild rock band of two girls who are into groupies and having creampie sex on stage

The two girls are Aika and Yurina Ayashiro
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BLK-245: A Censored, Big Tits Lovers and Reverse Role Movie: [“The Small-Waisted, Busty Gal’s Provocative Overflowing Titty Creampie Harem”] Busty slim girls are out to provoke cocks into getting hard so they could play with them, and fuck them too
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MXGS-812: IN HIGH DEFINITION: A Censored, Gokkun, Blowjob, Anal and Handjob Movie: [“Sperm Nuqui Crazy 30 Volley! Kana Yume”] Kana Yume takes in 30 cumshots, working cocks with her mouth, hands, pussy and ass
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SDMS-104: A Censored and Interracial Movie: [“Black And 5P Your Friends Orgy × Body Trembling The Waist With Anyone, Anywhere At Any Time With My Friends A Certain Famous Reggae Dancer In A Club In Roppongi Popular”] Maki, Madoka and Aya have black cocks for dance partners

The introduction to this movie is a great scene involving the three girls gyrating and contorting and shaking their ass (“they’ve got ass, men”). The scene shifts to a fucking scene in which the girls fuck some Japanese guys. Then it is time for the black dudes to make their entrance. The two black dudes who enter the scene are set upon by the three girls. They suck on their cocks, sit on their faces, fuck them and THEN swallow the cum.
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PGD-476: A Censored, Pantyhose Fetish, Ass Lovers and Leggy Girls Movie: [“Nice Ass X Beautiful Legs, Pantyhose fetishism. Fuyutsuki Kaede”] Fuyutsuki Kaede uses her long legs, long legs and great ass to tease and work cocks
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JUC-235: A Censored, Handjob and Matured Woman/Young Men Movie: [“Stepmom Handjob Slave Niimura Mariko”] Mariko Niimura as a tekoki handjob slave

You couldn’t tell looking at her pictures or on the screen that Mariko Niimura is a very matured woman. But indeed she is. How she maintains her body and skin tone is a wonder greater minds than I can explain. What I can say is this, she likes cocks like no other matured woman her age. And best of all, she knows what to do with cocks. As the title says, she is a tekoki slave in this movie. That means she gets to jerk and tug at all the young cocks she starred with in the movie. One observer likens her hand action on cocks like vacuum cleaner on a wrinkled carpet. I would say she knows how to jerk cocks from different angles, has a perfect timing of when to shift from the base to tip and vice versa, and how to set the mood for cock handling. You surely would not look at matured women the same way after checking her in action.
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DVDES-554: A Censored, Ass-job, Chikan/Public Sex, Blowjob and Handjob Movie: [“Because it is pattsun cloth to be the mating season, and decabuttocks are emphasized for whip whip tight skirt bus 20,000 years! ? The sexual feeling Bijin Office Lady which I provoke without minding“] Women in tight skirts provoke cocks into action by rubbing their ass on cocks on the public bus

What a provocative movie. They are dressed to provoke. The skirts are a bit longer than what you might expect to see on a woman who plans to get attention, but they are so tight and so body-hugging you can’t miss them. most especially if they are standing right in front of you and shaking their ass like they are dancing to some music in their head. Maeda Hina, Komine Hinata, Haruki Yukino, Anzu Yuu, and Ohtsuki Hibiki are the stars you would see doing this. They do more than provoke you with their booty shaking. They make sure to bump their ass into your crotch. Given the nice asses these women spot it is most unlikely any man would remain impassive to their come-hither moves. The action then moves onto the next stage, the woman taking the cock out of the pants (trousers) and rubbing it all over her ass and hips; bringing her lips to the cock; and setting her pussy on the cock. Now remember all these happen in the middle of a very crowded bus.
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ENTO-036: A Teasing and Voyeur Movie: Provocative teasing and erotic moves by gravure idol Dan Mitsu
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