DYVV-009: A Uncensored, Handjob and Blowjob Movie: A collection of 20 actresses showing off their blowjob and cock handling skills

This 4-hour collection contains more than blowjob scenes. We also catch glimpses of the girls showing off their cock handling and teasing skills, such as rubbing the cockhead against their pussy lips and working the cock with their hands prior to wrapping their lips around it. There are even scenes of the girls asking the guys to cum on the table or on their boobs for them, aftr working the cocks with their lips.
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DSKM-023: A Censored and Senzuri/Masturbation Support Movie [“ VOL.5, Amateur Daughter Had Excited I Was Watching The New Senzuri”] Amateur Girls are excited to watch guys masturbate. But would they just watch and do nothing to help the guys cum? Vol 5

Once more there is excitement in the air. These amateur girls, the 5th in this series, are yet to experience the rite of passage of girls – watching men take their cocks out and play with themselves. The girls arrive all giddy and smiles. They wait impatiently for the guys to enter the room and can’t wait to see them naked and the cock hard and being worked on. Ok, so now they have seen the guys, and they have seen the cocks being worked on. But would that be enough for these curious girl? Fo course not! Would they not want to touch and have a taste of the cock? You know where I am going, don’t you. Well, satisfy your curiosity. Check out what these excited and horny girls end up doing to themselves and the cocks they are observing.
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BOIN-008: A Censored, Breast-Feeding and Handjob Movie: [“Big Tits Handjob VOL.2 Hand Feeding”] He sucks on her big boobs whilst she reaches out to jerk his cock

Another one of those sweet movie featuring big breasted women who like to multi-task – feeding the guy with their breast whilst giving him a handjob. Enough said, right!
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BOIE-014: A Censored, Titty-Job and Handjob Movie: [“Kokikosu Hand Made Big Fucking • SEX • Refrain From Akiba”] Big titty maids offer creamy titty jobs and handjobs

Does the prospect of sinking your teeth into some big tits smeared with cream appeal to you? What about the prospect of the same big titty maid jerking your cock whilst you busy yourself devoring her big tits? The plotline for this movie is as entertaining as it is thrilling. The girls featured have some of the shapely and bouncy boobs I have seen in Japanese women. A guy like me would need no additional incentive to welcome those tits into my mouth. Smearing whim cream on the tits leaves me gasping with sheer excitement. Add to this picture the prospect of getting your cock jerked whilst you suck on those tits. There is also the prospect of having those tits being used to work the cock. In the last scenes the girls even fuck the guys.
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DMBD-003: A Censored, Handjob, Femdom and CFNM Movie: [“Azusa Man Kirihara M Metamorphosis Of Medical Clinic Torture Nasty Slut Degree”] Inside the clinic of Dr. Kirihara Azusa where cocks are pampered and butts sometimes fucked with dildo

In case you are scared of having a dildo used on on, even by the most beautiful and sexiest of women, lay your worries aside. The dildo portion is limited to only a small portion of the movie, and happens only in the last scene. The rest of the movie is devoted to cock pampering. The pampering begins even whilst the cock is still inside the underwear or briefs. It is poked, prodded, and teased with the lips, the finger and the feet. Once it comes out of the underwear it is scrutinized, teased, taunted and then jerked. To really enjoy the exquisite care with which these doctors treat cocks you must have patience to follow them. it is not simply a joy to see them in action. It is thrill that will be felt not just by your eyes, but your own manhood.
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Kinpatu86-0197: Bree Olson

Kinpatu86-0197: An Uncensored and Interracial Movie: Bree Olson
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ARM-0359: In High Definition: A Teasing and Upskirts Movie: [“ I Want To Dive Into The Bold Skirt Skirt Extra Edition! Ultra-close Type Provocation P”] Upskirts and panty peeks meant to provoke and seduce us

Ever wondered what it might be like walking behind a cute schoolgirl in short skirts ascending a series of stairs? What about sitting opposite a cutie who keeps opening her legs, lifting her skirts up and giving you full front view of her crotch! These are just a few samples from this most provocative of movies. As an appetizer few movies can get you so worked up and ready. The girls are cute, playful and have mastered the art of seduction in all its delicious aspects. Give them a few minutes of your time and they will take you to new heights of hardness and thirst that might surprise you, pussy-savvy and battle-hardened as you might consider yourself to be.
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ARM-0358: A Censored, Teasing, Blowjob and Tight-fitting leather fetish Movie: [“FIT MANIA @ Fit Mania New Mountain Maple”] Niiyama Kaede dons colorful tight fighting leather outfits to tease us and play with cocks

This is one show that if ever it comes to your part of town is guaranteed to make even tired old men come alive. This girl just the body to make your eyes pop out and your horny buds heave with desire. She knows just what sort of effect she has on men; in this movie she moves that desire several notches up with her colorful cloths she wears. Tight-fitting blue leather that gives as good a profile of her figure as Yellowstone National park seen from a distance of 5 miles; tight-fitting black leather outfit that will make you miss more than a beat. The great thing about this movie is that she does not simply tease us and leave us hanging. She has stunt cocks to demonstrate just what she might do with us if we had been lucky enough to make it to the set with her.
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ARM-0357: In High Definition: A Censored, CFNM, Handjob, Blowjob and Femdom Movie: [“I Have M-kun Man Professional Training Dojo Opened A Mini Skirt Erogenous Slut Dojo Fetish”] Tied up, teased, sucked and jerked into cummin

The movie opens with two babes on each side of a guy whose eyes are covered with a bandanna and whose hands are tied to the ceiling. The guys work the erogenous regions of his body with their hands and lips. the guy could barely control himself. But he is restrained and the best he could do is to moan and shake. Before you know it they have his underwear down and whilst one of the girls plants her lips around his erect cock the other works his backside with her lips. The two switch positions. Next they had the guy down on the floor on his back, working his dick with their hands and mouth. To finish him off, they had him on his feet again; nly this time they jerked him into spilling cum all over the floor. such is the theme of this movie – guys being restrained and having their bodies teased, followed by an intensive session of blowjob and handjob till they can’t stand it any more.
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DANDY-385: A Censored and Massage Movie: [“Fake delivery massage, force pushing her face with erected penis and cum shots on her face then .... *”] Men posing as masseurs at a massage parlor take advantage of the situation by rubbng their dicks on the face of the women

Ticklish! School boy trickery, hot, and classical eroticism… these are some of the words and terms that come to mind when thinking about this latest production from Dandy. The women are under the illusion that they are going to receive first class massage treatment at this parlor. The guys are properly dressed as masseurs all right. It is just that giving body massages is the last thing on their mind. Within minutes of working the woman’s body with their hands they have their dicks out. With the women’s eyes covered and closed or turned upside down they never suspect that besides the guy’s hands, her body was also being prodded or poked by a hard dick. Would the women realize what is going on? What would they do once they realize what is going on? Curious? Check the movie for the rest of the story.
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