CAT-356: A Censored, CFNM and Blowjob Movie: [“New Customs Of Rumors!Lewd Pink Salon Chair!”] Special salon when the girls sit the customer in a special chair and then use their lips and hands to wash him down and make him cum

Have you ever used one of those small bathroom chairs before? You probably did when you were in a diapers. The one used at this salon has an opening in the front for the man-size cocks of their clients. Once they sit the client on the chair they run their lips and hands from the face to the lower reaches of his body, and then they shift their attention to the cock. using a combination of their hands and mouth they work the guy into cummin whilst he sits prettily on that chair.
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Heyzo: In High Definition: Akari Asagiri

Heyzo: In High Definition: An Uncensored and Blowjob Movie: Akari Asagiri gives a beautiful and masterful display of blowjob skils and pure sexual pleasure
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CZ-031: A Censored, Femdom, CFNM and Handjob Movie: [“Torture In The Common Sense Of The Heisei-TRY! Part M And Insult Thoroughly Anal Pervert Man”] What would like to be the slave of wild girls who have no shame dominating men, abusing them and then playing with their dicks

Being a slave of some wild girl have never been something you have ever considered? Time to think again, friend. Life on the wild side could be a bit humiliating, a little uncomfortable, but it surely has its rewards. With this girls you are sure to be verbally abused, have your face sat on, kick around, get the burning candle treatment; but consider the pleasurable part – surrounded by beautiful girl, naked in front of wild, beautiful girls, and having your dicks played by these girls.
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AGEMIX-243: In High Definition

AGEMIX-243: In High Definition: A Censored, Titty-Job and Handjob Movie: [“! Was Raised By Hand Job Carefully One By One.”] Titty-fucked and then jerked by hand by busty

Each girl featured in this movie is notable for her busty chest. They are also notable for their skill at working cocks with their hands. Each scene features the girl using her hands and tits in working the cock into cummin. sometimes a girl more use her tits more than her hand; at other times the girl might choose to use her hands more than her tits in working the cock. no matter which combination of tools they use these girls have some of the most devasting boobs and hands in the business in making cocks cough up cum. the best scene is the last one where the a lone skillful girl work four cocks hiding behind a curtain into cummin.
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AGEMIX-241: In High Definition

AGEMIX-241: In High Definition: A Censored and Blowjob Movie: [“"Blow No.4 Woodpecker"”] Girls who love to give blowjobs like woodpeckers

Anybody out there is familiar with the way woodpeckers peck at trees? They are incessant and they are dexterous. They are not deterred by anything. What they set out to do they aim to accomplish. We have here a set of girls who love to give cocks the same woodpecker treatment with their lips. The cocks stick out of their mouths like they are extensions of their lips, just like the beaks of a woodpecker, we would say. They go at it, bopping and weaving their heads with a style that is exquisitely exciting and terribly naughty. And here is the clincher – you don’t have to have a blowjob fetish to enjoy and get into the spirit of this movie.
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AGEMIX-240: In High Definition

AGEMIX-240: In High Definition: A Censored and Blowjob Movie: [“Why Do Not Experience A Blowjob AV Actress?”] Blowjob from your favorite AV star

What would say to something like that, huh? You have dreamed about her. Many have been the nights when you have imagined her beside you, doing all sorts of naughty things to you. You have lost count of the number of wanks she has blessed you with. Now she is at your home, visiting, and asking to give you a blowjob. What self-respecting wanker would say no to something like that? Not any heterosexual male we know, that’s for sure.
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SDMU-113: In High Definition

SDMU-113: In High Definition: A Censored and Intercrural Sex Movie: [“Amateur OL working woman's support cherry boy's sex with also his lost virginity”] Working girls from the city volunteer to give virgin boys sexual experience by engaging in intercrural sex with them

Familiar with the term “intercriral sex”? We have featured movies with that theme in the past. It refers to the practice of non-penetrative sex. The girl rubs the penis with her thighs and labia majora.The goal is to stimulate ejaculation without penile-vaginal penetration. The intention is to build the boy’s self-confidence around girls. In this movie however the boys quickly gain their self-confidence and press for more. How much more? Watch and find out .
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KMG-039: A Censored, Penis Study/Senzuri/Masturbation Support, Handjob, Blowjob, and a Pure CFNM Movie: [“ Appreciation Of The First Meeting Vol.6 Senzuri Daughter Amateur”] Girls watch men masturbate for their pleasure, vol 6

Another group of eager amateurs who want to watch guys masturbate for them. Would they do anything to help the guys along? Would they touch the cock? Would they do more than touch the cock? Check the movie for the thrilling answers.
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AGEMIX-064: A Censored, Blowjob and CFNM Movie: [“Blow Gun 2 Seen”] Cock loving girls get to suck and play with cocks, with their eyes on you

Perhaps you have seen them in other movies before. You’ve got to if you are fan of Japanese movies. Their names are Sakura Kiryuu, Raika, Ryoko Hirosaki, Misa Takata, and Hana Oguri. Call them the secret agents of cock sucking, and you will not be far from the truth. These girls take pride in their fore-play too. They will be very angry if you fast-forward through to the cock sucking part. Have patience. Enjoy their kissing, nipple play and cock play through the underwear. They are sure you will be so impressed you can’t contain yourself by the time they get to the cock sucking part. Now let’s see if you can prove them wrong. Because of the camera angle they will have their eyes on you – so you behave as they want you to!
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AGEMIX-062: A Censored, CFNM, Pantyhose Fetish and and Foot-Job Movie: [“Jobs Muremure Leg Full Of Black School Girls Strike”] Leg and feet on cock work by ‘school’ girls wearing black stocking[2010.11.26_20.24.21][2010.11.26_20.25.11]

If you are a man there are certain things that you often wish your woman would do for you – or should we say, do to you. Like watching her slip into some nice black stockings and using her legs to jerk you. Well, is if you need pointers to show that girl how it is to be done here is the movie to watch. The girls in this movie do a marvelous job of showing how woman in pantyhose or stockings could make her man’s cock go banana. They do more in this movie, besides trapping the cock in between their beautiful and inviting thighs and rubbing against it – they touch the cock with their hands and suck it too. These girls really show how great and resourceful a woman could be if she knows how to use the equipment available well.
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