PTKS-002: A Censored and Interracial Movie: [“Fuck and Nakadashi, Cream pie, LA”]

Allie Haze, Jessica Lynn, and Chastity Lynn are the girls featured in this movie
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MAGURO-004: A Censored and Plus-Size Girl Movie: [“Strongest Assassin Of Blind Love Black Hole Human Bullet!! Maho”] Satotanimakotoho Ki will you with her fleshy body and love handles

Now here is one plus-size girl who knows how to get things done. She knows what she has; she knows what men like, and she knows excaty how to dole out her charms to keep the appetite strong and ongoing. The size of her behind will make your eyes tingle and bulge with delight. They are big and fleshy, the kind you would especially want to squeeze all day and then rub your dick against for a whole week. She is playful, most especially when it comes to using her size to playfully bully men into doing her bidding, something she makes sure to reward handsomely and erotically. For an evening of great and unrestricted rumping you couldn’t select a better girl to spend some quality time with than Satotanimakotoho Ki.
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MUGON-131: A Censored and Pantyhose Fetish Movie: [“Without Words Collection 38: Beautiful stocking-clad legs stretch out from beneath a tight mini skirt. That glimpse of panties from time to time has me all worked up…”]

No words are exchanged between men and women in this movie; none need to be exchanged. It is a like a different world, with the men and women bonded by their love of pantyhose. The women like to wear them and show them off; they men like to see women wear them and cannot take their eyes off a woman when they see them wearing their favorite pantyhose. Then as if he has become possessed by some sort of magic the man loses his normal self. Now all he can think of is to follow what the pantyhose gods tell him. They might tell him to get close to the woman wearing the pantyhose, unzip his pants, lie on his back and look forward to getting some foot-job. Or he might get a handjob, or even a pussy-fuck. Sure is a bizarrely wacky movie, but for the pantyhose fan nothing can be more delicious than watching a fantasy come true, as they do again and again in this movie.
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BUTON-003: A Censored and Plus-Size Girls Movie: [“Muchimuchi!Cute Pig! But Pig Body, Cute Face, Even If You Can? Yes 奈 Blessing Hen Pig Meat Urinal De Slut”] What would you do with a fleshy girl with big butt, wide hips and a winning smile

It is all right to keep what comes to mind when thinking of being alone with a girl of this description all to yourself. We know your feelings. We share your sentiments. We think we know what you might want to do with her. So do the producers of the movie. Check out what they came up with. It will put a smile on your smile; it would do even more.. Just watch and find out.
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Caribbeancom-101214-710: An Uncensored and Interracial Movie: Marie Konishi gets herself a big black cock
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OOMN-051: A Censored, Incest and Senzuri/Masturbation Support Movie: [“Mutual Masturbation 20 Families Of Mother And Son Incest”] Mutual masturbation between mothers and their sons

Check this scene out. Make-believe son arrives home to find mommy busily playing with herself in the living room. She is wearing nothing from the waist down, her fingers are inside her pussy and her face is a cross between happiness and absent-mindeness. Sonny doesn’t waste any minute getting rid of his pants (trousers) and underwear. He stands in front of mommy, grabs his cock and starts playing with himself. Mommy beckons him to come closer. As he does so she reaches out, grabs his dick, pulled him towards herself and starts stroking the cock. Even so her other hand continues to work her pussy fantastically. The scene continues until both parties collapse in ecstasy. There is no hard fucking in the movie, just MILFs and young guys masturbating in front of each other, and mommy helping junior now and then with his masturbation.
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OOMN-050: A Censored, Handjob and Blowjob Movie: [“4 Hours’ll Pull In Your Mouth And Handjob Collection Yosoji Age Fifty”] A 4-hour collection of matured women between 40 and 50 years giving handjobs and blowjobs

Young vs. Matured, which would you prefer to receive a blowjob or handjob from. Young women and matured women are what we are talking about here, folks. If you chose young, think again. This movie will see to it that you will longer hold unto that opinion. When it comes to cock handling, my friend, experience matters a great deal. The sensitivity, warmth and attention to detail of the experienced woman is simply priceless. In scene after scene, from the bedroom to the bathroom, the women featured in this collection show that when it comes to using the mouth and hand on the cock nothing beats experience.
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OOMN-042: A Censored, Breast-Feeding and Handjob Movie: [“Handjob For 4 Hours Sucking Boobs Of Mom-friendly”] 4 hours of guys feeding on their porn mothers breasts while getting handjobs

You don’t miss a movie like this when you are into breast-sucking and handjobs. A movie like this gives you two for one. Add in the 4-hour time factor and you get three in one. Juicy moms – porn moms, that is – with tits that will make you will make your tongue hang out like a panting dog; and to think besides getting breast-fed you are also getting a first class handjob, well what more can a horny heterosexual man ask for.
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MDSH-01: IN HIGH DEFINITION: A Censored, Femdom, and Handjob Movie: [“Male Devil Pleasure Cum Hell: A research institute that investigates multiple shuddering orgasms, volume 17! Starring Riko Minato and Rina Uchimura”] Research Institute where the staff – that is, Riko Minato and Rina Uchimura – investigate the possibility of triggering multiple orgasms in men

Do you know what that means? That means making you cum in more than one place at the same time. Now is that even humanly possible? Yes, says the two girls in this movie. For instance the butt-hole could be stimulated to cum, just about the same time the cock is set to cum. How would they do that? Leave it these imaginative girls to come up with the strategies and ways. It is a combination of pleasure and some discomfort, jerking and sucking on the cock (or even fucking it) whilst the also messing with the guy’s butthole. Now with the two girls – Riko Minato and Rina Uchimura – acting as a tag that should pose no problem, right! Well, watch and find out.
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ATFB-256: IN HIGH DEFINITION: A Censored, Teasing, and Handjob Movie: [“Bulging Camel Toe Under Divine Body Leotards Risa Kasumi”] Risa Kasumi is dressed to provoke – she gets her wish and indulges herself with handjobs, blowjob and a pussy fuck

Some girls have to act before you take notice of them. In this movie our star would not even utter a single word to get us interested in what she has for her. The cloths she is wearing is so tight her camel-toe is visible. But that is not the only thing visible about her in the opening scene. We take note of her taut body, her long legs, shapely hips and well-formed lips. She has the kind of body that talks to cocks, not to your eyes. Cast a glance at her and your pecker would be up and bobbing like a lizard in the hot African sun. She does not disappoint either. She teases us in the opening minutes with some impressive masturbation moves. After that it is all cock handling scenarios. A handjob scene is followed by a handjob and blowjob scene. And then there is the final scene where she lets loose every sexual maneuver in her armory, ending with a pulsating pussy-fuck.
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