Kinpatu86-0181-VIP: An Uncensored and Interracial Movie: Vanessa Cage gets oil massage and more in a Japanese massage parlorkinpatu86-vip-0181.wmv_snapshot_37.40_[2015.04.25_23.57.34]
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NFDM-253: A Censored, Femdom, CFNM, Pantyhose Fetish, Footjob and Thigh-Job Movie: [“Legs Leggings of Natsume Inagawa”] Sexy Inagawa Natsume puts on legs to dominate men and play with their dicks with her thighs and feetnfdm00253
What a beauty! What flair for cock play! What great legs. Check her out in those sexy leggings. She is the very description of everything you would want in a dream girl come to fulfill your wildest fantasy. If that fantasy consists in her using her thighs to work your cock, you are in luck. If it consist in her using her feet to jerk the cock, double luck for you. What about her sitting on your face whilst you jerk off? She does that too. She is even more playful that we can say here. You simply have to see her in action to know that every adjective we have used her fits her aptly.
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NFDM-252: A Censored, CFNM, Femdom, Footjob, Handjob, Ass-Job and Thigh-Job Movie: [“Men who are sitting face to White Booty 13 – bloomers bloomers and thighs of school girls”] Schoolgirls in bloomers dominate their teachers and play with their cock with their hands, ass-cheeks and thighs
We have a job for you. The salary is zero yen. The job comes with some discomfort, such serving as a playtoy for the girls. For one thing they will use your face as a chair to sit on and rub their ass on. But here are the fringe benefits of the work. Having your dick jerked by hand, and stroke by feet; having a girl in bloomers take off her gym shorts, drape it round your dick and jerk it; having a girl in bloomers rub your cock on her ass cheeks and having you spray her backside with cum. Send us your resume and you will have the job.
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NFDM-234: A Censored, CFNM, Femdom and Footjob Movie: [“Electromassage torture of the Schoolgirl”] When schoolgirls use their feet to administer cock massages
Sometimes the massage is administered by a single girl; sometimes all five girls gang up on a single guy. Imagine the last, five pairs of feet, all trying to find a foothold around the groin area, just so their owners can satisfy their wacky sense of fun. It is a wacky sense all right these girl have in this movie. They want to be worshiped and obeyed. A single off-the –line remark or action from a male teacher and he is quickly on the floor, his cock being massaged with the sole of a female feet. By the end of the scene he would be completely naked from the waist down, his cock trapped between a pair of female feet, which continuously rub hard against each other, and thus by definition produce enough friction to stimulate the cock into cummin.
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NFDM-228: A Censored and Femdom Movie: [“4 Hours Omnibus Special Responsibility Anal Freedom Aggressive”] 4 hours of aggressive femdom scenes
Feeding dildoes to guys, that is one of the favorite scenes you will encounter in this movie. Preparing the men’s butthole for dildo action is another common theme. And following from the previous scene you will encounter scenes of these girls aggressively using strap-on dildoes to fuck the guys.
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KAR-311: A Censored, Nursing Fetish, CFNM and Blowjob Movie: [“Shocking scoop! While I was an inpatient at hospital, I begged a nurse with teary eyes, “I’m so frustrated, can’t you help me?” and she gently gave me a blowjob”] kar00311
Well, what do you know, the wet eyes trick works. All the guys had to do was beg the nurse with teary eyes and the nurse responded, positively. Yes, a blowjob is a big deal, especially when the nurses are cute and the patient is as horny as we all are.
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KAR-304: A Censored, Reverse Role, Multiple Girls/Single Guy and Big Boobs Lovers Movie: [“Shocking Scoop! The Dentist And Dental Assistant Rubbed Their Big Tits In My Face Until I Was Fully Sprung And Fucked Me Silly.”] When the busty female dentist and her assistant takes advantage of their patientskar00304
Remember the old joke, about guys being afraid to visit the dentist? Well, if you have any fear of dentists we advice you to lay those fears aside. The dentists featured in this movie are nothing like the old foggies in your neighborhood. The dentist herself is a well chiseled lady sporting big chest. So is her assistant. But that is not the fun fact about visiting these dentists. Rather the fun lies in what these dentists are interested in. they really don’t are about your teeth. It is your cock they are after, and right from the start, as soon as you are strapped in the chair, they will do everything to rouse you. Those two main forms of getting the guy hard: using their tongues on him and rubbing their boobs all over his body. Once they have their hands on the hard cock, it is bye bye to the Hippocratic code, and hello to “let’s fuck till we drop dead”.
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JUFD-342: IN HIGH DEFINITION: A Censored, Reverse Role and Matured Woman/Young Man Movie: [“The Sluts Who Seduce With Dirty Talking And Tease With Pull Outs- The Aunts Who Enjoy Keeping Me In Anguish- Misa Yuki Ryoko Murakami”] Two matured women, Misa Yuki and Ryoko Murakami, go haunting for cocks to tease, taunt, dominate and fuckjufd00342
Can you imagine….. no you can’t! This movie has a plot that is out of this world. It is so erotically wacky your very own eyes would be a better teller of it than another person’s. Just think – two of the world’s most wild matured women set out to find young cocks to tease, taunt, dominate and fuck. What sort of tricks are they going to use? How would they make whatever they do so pleasurably wacky and delicious as to make you, the viewer, want to watch more of them, and also react to what they do? Oh you simply have to see how these dynamic duo go about conquering cocks and making men cry shamelessly.
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SiteRip: Young Asian Bunnies

SiteRip: An Uncensored, Perfect Body, Lesbian and Teasing Movies : Young Asian BunniesYABunnies-p00184t
They are just as spicy as the countries they come from! Our Asian babes are the most attractive and interesting, always naughty and anxious to introduce you to their amazingly hot life! Although is their first time on camera, the skinny chicks have no problems in showing their naked pussies and appetizing assets! These teens will blow your mind! These bunnies are very playful and will bring their special spice to your intimate life! Let them happily wag and offer you maximum satisfaction!
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PTKO-054: IN HIGH DEFINITION: A Censored, Interracial and Teasing Movie: [“Pink Pussies. Fingering Masturbation”] Masturbating white girlsPTKO00054
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