MILF-301: A Censored, Handjob, Footjob and Omnibus by Matured Woman: [“Co-boyfriend Digenea simplex Iikura Erika”] Cock control and play with Iwamizawa Kyouko

What would it mean to have an accomplished cock handler and controller as a sexual partner? That is the essential question answered in this movie. How would she use her hands to work the cock? How would she use her feet to work the cock? At what point would she use her pussy to placate the cock? How would she dazzle and razzle and bamboozle the cock? You had better watch the movie if you seek answers to these and related questions.
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TPLS-005: A Censored, BDSM, Older Men/Young Women, Femdom, CFNM, Boots-Job and Handjob Movie: [“Mistress Lisa Execution Cock Whipping”] Whipped, stepped on, teased with sole of boots and jerked by Queen Risa

What a Queen. The whip lashes are real and so are the weight on the guy when he lies on his back on the floor and he climbs on him, using her body just like she would use the floor. This young Queen really knows how to shape up and control middle age men. The literally cry under her merciless whippings, and also from the weight sheputs on them when she walks on them in her pumps. But ah, there is a silver lining in all this. The Queen has a most endearing way of mixing pain with pleasure. Her whippings and harsh treatment are intermixed with boots-job and handjobs.
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TPLS-002: A Censored, Leggy Girls, Femdom and Footjob Movie: [“Fighting Lynch Legs Queen W”] Leggy girls rule over men with their legs and administers some pleasant footjobs
tpls00002mhb.wmv_snapshot_00.51.09_[2015.03.21_02.30.20] - Copy

Ever gotten yourself leg locked by some leggy girl? Or would you want some leggy girl to do that to you? Don’t ever be tempted to say no to such on an offer. You might like it so much you might decide to build a shrine commemorate the occasion. These girls might have long, sexy legs but they also have some power in those legs. They can render you motionless with their leg lock. They can do so in many ways. They also also make life very pleasant for your dick with their the soles of their feet, and even boots. Invite them in and you will see how great and exciting life is when experienced from a totally different perspective.
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JKRB-002: A Censored, CFNM, BDSM, Femdom and Handjob Movie : [“Want to be violated with the powerful piston of the SPECIAL penny van woman for JOKER four hours!”] An over 4-hour collection of mistresses visiting pain and pleasure on their male slaves

This is no movie for the faint-of-heart. It has scenes of girls using dildo on men, candle wax on their bodies, probing their ass-holes with their fingers.. and generally dominating them and treating them like …. well, useless slaves. On the other side of the coin is the treatment these dominant women give to the slave’s cock. they might use a dildo on the guy, but they might also wank him at the same time. They might probe his butthole with this fingers, but they are also likely to pacify him with a heavenly handjob. The mixture of pain and pleasure does give the movie its charming quality, evn for the person not too enthusiastic about BDSM movies.
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IRCP-012: A Censored, Handjob, Senzuri, Facial and Fantasy and Omnibus Movie: [“Ona Pet Week”] What if you have a different girl come to your house each day of the week to be your slave pet

What? Yes, you read right! You would have a different girl come visiting to do whatever you want each day of the week, for a whole week. Wouldn’t you want one of two of them to play with themselves for you? Of course you would. You are the master, after all, remember. Would you want a blowjob? A handjob? Would you want to give facials to one of two of them? You would, of course, want your feet kiss, and your dick endlessly played with whatever way the girl chooses! And naturally you would wan to fuck a few of them too, wouldn’t you? Well, whatever you can conjure in your dirty and naughty mind, the producers have already preceded you. Enjoy!
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Real-Diva 5972- VIP

Real-Diva 5972- VIP: An Uncensored, CFNM and Blowjob Movie: Cute College student Zukkori gives blowjob

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Heydouga 4137-PPV120

Heydouga 4137-PPV120: An Uncensored, Anal and Interracial Movie: Hungarian cutie Angelina

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ASFB-060: A Censored, Handjob, Blowjob, Footjob and Omnibus Movie: [“4 Hours Of Your Service BEST POP Maid”] 4-hours of cock play – with hands, mouth, feet, sometimes, pussy – by maids

Maid service is here! What would you have them do for you We have 4 hour collection so various seual activities these maids. They are giving handjobs, and blowjobs, and footjobs, and even pussy-fucks. Those are just the prominent things they do. They do other stuff too, as you can imagine. Come on in, excite yourself, get your favorite maid to do your bidding – whatever it might be, they have you covered.
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ATFB-209: A Censored, Pantyhose Fetish, Handjob and Blowjob Movie: [“Pantyhose Seduction Beauty Slut Takeuchi ShaRina”] Sarina Takeuchi (Risa Murakami)puts on pantyhose and becomes even more beautiful and irresistible to cocks

Can a beautiful woman improve upon her beauty by putting on pantyhose? You may say no, but we beg to differ. And that is because we have had time to watch Sarina Takeuchi (Risa Murakami) in action. Her irresistibility moves from level 8 to level 10 when she puts on pantyhose. The contours of her firm and shapely legs would do the trick, if nothing else does. And with the way she moves her long legs when in a sitting position, and pull up the pantyhose when playing with herself, you would have to have a stone for a heart not to fall for her. As with the usual format for the ATFB series she plays with herself in the first scene. In the second scene she appears in an office setting – as secretary – and works her boss’s with cock with her pantyhose feet, and then her hands. in the third scene she appears as a nurse and uses her mouth to relieve a patient of his sickness. For the last scene she goes back to the office. here she uses just about every part of her body, including her pussy to work on a co-worker.
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ASFB-053: A Censored and Blowjob Movie: [“Special VOL.3 Large Outbursts In Teasing Dimension Stop”] A 4-hour collection of girls irritating cocks with their hands and mouths until it explodes

Ever had your cock irritated by some devilishly delicious woman? With just her hands and mouth, with her never having to use her pussy on the cock?. A girl has to be naughtily naughty and delightfully wacky to pull such a stunt off and we have such girls in this collection. The way they ‘irritate cocks” would be a delight to your eyes and a stimulation to your horny buds.
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