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VNDS-2792: A Censored, Incest and Blowjob Movie: [“Mother 3 Alarm Clock Blow’] Mothers use blowjobs to wake their their sons up in the morning

The mothers in this movie subscribe to an old philosophy, that it is the duty of mothers to wake up their sons in the morning. A good alarm clock is not good enough for their pampered children. Only a blowjob delivered by mommy would do. Take the first scene. Junior refuses to get out of bed early one morning. What does mom do? She takes his cock in her hand, jerks it, sucks it, rubs it against her ass, plays with it with her feet and then sucks it till junior cums in her mouth. Sweet huh! All the scenes that ensue follow the same format – mom sucking, playing and then sucking junior’s cock until he cums.

Size: 1.421 gb
Format: mp4
Duration: 01:27 hrs (87 minutes)
Release Date: 2011-08-20
Maker: Next Group
Label: NEXT11
Cast: Yuuki Misa Wakana Ai Fujiki Shizuko Tanaka Masumi Shiroishi Saeko Matsushima Shouko Hoshisakishichi Hana
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 720×404 29.97fps [Video Media Handler]
Audio: AAC 44100Hz stereo 319kbps [Sound Media Handler]
VNDS002792.mp4 – 1.4 GB
Download file – 1.4 GB

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