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  1. jueenzhang says:

    Hey,buddy!Please reupload FETI-027,I can pay for it!!!

  2. Dio says:

    Please uplaod 小便フェラ
    FETI-89 Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!

  3. jd says:

    EBOD-218: IN HIGH DEFINITION reup plzzzzz

  4. CFNM says:


  5. CFNM says:


  6. CFNM says:


  7. H. says:

    Hi! Admin,Could you please re-upload thye post-279 files ?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. terry says:

    hi, buddy,
    can you reupload the following film, the links are unavailable now, thanks

  9. Toschy says:

    Hey can you please reupload “Uta Kohaku opens her legs wide and let guys use her legs to masturbate and spray cum on”? Thanks you soooo much!
    Here is the link, since the title is quite lengthy 🙂

  10. friendofjav88 says:

    Please reupload

    JS-15: A Censored, Blowjob and Gokkun Movie: [“Hikari Hino Will Also Accept Any Contaminated Juice Drink Miss Spirit Of Special Customs”]

    You cant even buy it as it is not available anywhere. You are the only hope.

  11. DANNY says:


  12. horstalda says:

    mxpa-023 would be awesome if u have it!

    And some other similar stuff of course..

    Thx dude!

  13. axeon says:

    Can you reupload DRD-008? Thanks.

  14. Fathur Shaon says:

    Hello Kappiah,

    Can you please find this title and upload it here ?

    ID = JUFD-329 / jufd00329

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  15. hekter says:

    Hello Admin of kappiahjavstuff
    If I support by getting a Premium account K2share ,you can please help me by re-uploading POST-279 files .<<>>

  16. rexy says:

    Admin, could you reupload http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/rgbh-017/ please, Couldn’t find it anywhere else except your site ….

    thanks you

  17. su says:

    http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/nade-715/ all the links are dead. Can you reupload the video?

  18. SOHAIB says:

    http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/gang-22/ THE RG LINKS ARE DEAD PLZ UPDATE THEM WILL BE GRATEFUL

  19. Craig Manson says:

    Hi, I saw you post this ‘SiteRip: Asian Schlong’ on your web, but I’m looking forward to have the clip which is with Anya Ivy, hope that you could also upload that, thanks heaps.

  20. Zimmer says:

    Can anyone re-upload HOPB 00001 and HOPB 00005. Please. I’ve been looking for it everywhere. Found it here but the links are either broken or files are removed.
    Thank you.

  21. Jimmy says:

    Hey man could you re-up the handjobjapan siterip? its already gone.

  22. Augustine says:

    Is it possible to reupload EMU-058 or is it gone forever?

  23. Matthew Bonello says:

    Please re-upload DDB-182 Miho Ashina would be great 😉

  24. Rodg says:

    upload kv-176 pls

  25. Tomas says:

    Could you please re-upload this post-279 file ?


    Thanks in advance.

  26. lonelydude says:

    hi, can you reupload oprd-034 please? I’ve been searching for this for so long. Thanks

  27. Bill P says:

    Please fix the links listed below on RapidGator:
    Kinpatu 86-0166
    Kin8tengoku – 1411
    Caribbeancompr 031016-515

  28. Ilan John says:


    Please can you reupload FRD-03?

    Links are down.


  29. johnzdie says:

    can u post more jav shiori ayase? If can in high quality + uncensored. Thank you

  30. vows says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    Could you please reupload asia-056, all the links are dead.



  31. thisiscool says:

    Hi would it be possible for you to reupload vnds2734? all the links are no longer working. Thanks for everything you do!


  32. Gallome says:

    Hi !

    First, thanks for your work in your blog

    I have a request. Can you reupload this videos please ? (KAR-544)

    Furthermore, without imposing, if you have too the movie tagged KAR-620, I’d really appreciate that you release it

    Thanks you very much in advance !

  33. mastermind90 says:

    Please reupload BOBB-240 in HD. All the links that were given are dead. Thanks


  34. nyaransi says:

    Hello kappiah,

    Lost my HDD and I need to redownload most of videos here.
    As for my first attempt of request, can you please reupload all kin8tengoku videos?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  35. Duo says:

    Let me clarify. For PKTO-002 you have the keep2share link twice, no rapidgator links posted. Can you please add the rapidgator link?

  36. lscrazylok says:

    Can anyone reupload OKAS-115?


    doesn’t matter the quality.

  37. Duo says:

    Can you please add rapidgator links for PTKO-002?

  38. Gagapan says:

    SiteTip: Fellatio Japan files are all gone, could these be re-uploaded please? Thanks!

  39. asenk23 says:

    upload again TBD-011 the file was delete

  40. Ash Limfield says:

    request: LDNS-001

  41. Rodg says:

    ELO-198 is dead, reupload please or upload ELO-107 instead

    KISD-002 + KISD-005 would also be awesome if you have

  42. redlust56 says:

    Any chance you could re-upload ARMS-033?

  43. Seppo says:

    Is it possible in anyway to be able to see the preview picture (i.e the cover picture) when you select a category from “whats on tap” menu? Its kinda annoying to browse selected category with just tittle names.

  44. Jin says:

    Could anyone please re-upload ARM-271 Links ?
    Thanks in advance.

  45. Sora says:


    RG link is down. Please reupload this one as well.

  46. Sora says:


    Is no longer at RG link. Please reupload there as well.
    Thank you

  47. Sora says:


    DANDY-462 HD is not working at Rapid Gator anymore. I made the subscription to RG using your referral link.
    Please reupload, thank you.

  48. Volkner says:

    Hi could you re-upload/upload any of these,
    I bought a K2S account to download 😀



    Red Zone:


    Thank you!!
    P.S. I also recommend you to watch the above videos, they’re your cup of tea 😉

  49. drpogen says:

    Hi could you re-up ARM-191


    Lovely clip, but it has vanished everywhere!


  50. bruce says:

    could you pls reupload ptko-004? all links are dead. thank you very much

  51. atfb says:

    atfb-084 file is not found.

  52. MJ DA GOAT says:

    Hello, would you please re-upload ELO-340 ? All the links are down.
    Thank you so much

  53. MJ DA GOAT says:


    Could you re-upload http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/elo-340/ ?
    All the links are down.

    Thank you so much

  54. Jerry Brown says:

    Superb site
    Downloaded a ton of stuff
    One video that seems to have expired is OKSN-185 in HD Mona Kasuga
    If you guys still have the movie, can you upload it please
    Many thanks for your consideration and keep up the good work

  55. Sceff says:

    Love the site! I thought I saw RUD-013 Zoe Holloway on here before but can’t find it now .

  56. BugFix says:

    Many thanks for the siterip of LegsJapan.
    Could you upload the LegsJapan movies of Aki Tojo (#41, she is cute) and Shino Aoi (#33 and #43, she is hot).
    Thanks in advance!

  57. Duo says:


    Password for “Caribbeancompr 041416-539: An Uncensored and Interracial Movie: Russian beauty Jimena makes her debut” is not working.

  58. alice says:

    An Uncensored, Footjob, Legjob, Thigh-Job and Pantyhose Fetish

    Pass is not working

  59. livecore says:

    “An Uncensored, Footjob, Legjob, Thigh-Job and Pantyhose Fetish”

    this thread’s password is incorrect.

    “PASS = SNNG

    Incorrect password. Try again.”

    please fix it

    SNNG is invalid password.

  60. world says:

    why the password snng doesn’t work?

  61. bill says:

    hi all 3 links are broken for this 🙁


    Hikari gives splendid blowjobs to two of her friends

    can u guys fix it, thank you


    Download file – 856.0 MB


  62. ias says:

    Hi Kappiah98

    Could you reupload ARM-143?


  63. Kappiah Lover says:

    Good Day Kappiah..

    Can you please reupload movie:




    Your site is the best

  64. Ron says:

    Hi Kappiah

    Hoping for BED-10 re-up (http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/bed-10-hanging-out-with-hungarian-girls-vol-10/) as all links are dead and can’t find this anywhere else. Have K2S/RG/UL prem so any of those would be great. Thanks!

  65. Kenneth says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    I wish to download the soapy massage site rip you uploaded days ago. But I keep receiving “Public access to this folder is denied” message when I click into the link. Can you please fix this problem so that I can download the movies using my premium k2s account? (actually I found the same issue on other site-rip links as well…)


    • Kappiah98 says:

      Thanks so much for this note. The best we have had in a long time. We wondered why nobody was downloading these movies we have worked so had to get. We have changed the setting now. You should be able to get them now. Let us know if you are still having problem.

  66. Thankyoukappiah says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    Thank you for all your uploads!

    Could you help re-upload this?

    Thank you!

  67. wanker says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    Could you please reupload this?


    Appreciate it if you can.

  68. gorefis says:

    Hi admin,

    Is it possible to re-up all old AGEMIX, MN, TMSB Serius?
    All links are down. Please..


  69. Trevor says:

    Hi Kippiah98,

    Any chance you have FTS-002 or FTS-009? I’ve had no luck finding those two..

    Thank you 🙂

  70. Rondo says:

    Hi Kappiah, could please have BED-10 reupped to either rapidgator, uploaded or k2s? Thanks!

  71. FKz says:

    Could you reupload the DJNK series?

  72. wanker90 says:

    Any chance you could reupload this?


    Would really appreciate it if you could.


  73. niko says:

    can u plz reupload dvh-565?
    thanks a lot

  74. Rondo says:

    Hi Admin, could you please re-up BED-10 to Rapidgator please? thanks!


  75. shootingmen says:

    Is it possible to re upload http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/t28-226/ at your earliest convenience. I really appreciate the effort,

  76. Duo says:

    If possible, can you please re-upload DANDY-171 http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/dandy-171 to RG? Thank you!

  77. elrasu says:

    can u upload DJSF-019 and DJSF-109 thanks

  78. elrasu says:

    can u upload DJSF-098 again thank you

  79. NeedIt says:

    I would really appreciate you posting SDDE-062

    Kindest regards

  80. Ash says:

    Please reup all DGG series and also, could you upload all wildside AWMF videos? Please and thank you.

  81. Jimmy Peach says:

    can you please reupload http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/armg-184/ to uploadable.ch ?

  82. Joe says:

    Can u please re-upload SDDE-304? It says page not found. TQ

  83. AMWF-Fanatic says:

    Could you guys please reup FRD-04. It’s a classic AMWF jav and it would be greatly appreciated if I could get a copy again. Thanks again for all the great work!

  84. AMWF Addict says:

    Could you guys please reup FRD-04? It’s an AMWF classic and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere else. Having a chance to see it again would be greatly appreciated!!!

  85. vin says:

    Can u PLEASE reupload GMED-023: A Censored and Interracial Movie: [“Big Black Beauty Mama Fucker VS Destruction Tsukamoto Pies.Yuki”]
    Been looking for this for years 🙁

  86. Ivanoe says:

    Posts with “PASS = DVG” don’t work. The password is incorrect. For example the post KIL-099.

  87. Jack says:

    great website

    txxd-14 please

  88. tarox03 says:

    Thanks for your work!
    Had a remark, the pw to JAME-007 from 29 dec. is not correct.
    Could you solve this?

  89. Vice says:

    Can you please re-up this? Yours is the only genuine link there is, all other sites of this are fake. SUNS-001: http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/suns-001/

  90. rodrate says:


    reupload please.. thank you always for your service.

  91. Anthony says:

    Can you reupload this ?
    (links on the page is dead)


  92. hjatb says:

    Password for SNIS-583 doesn’t seem to be working, vid looks great please fix if possible!

  93. Khang says:

    please reup Kar-544 thanks

  94. undercovervictory says:

    Hello, all the links here for DOKS-210 http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/doks-210-2/ are down, please reupload!

  95. losyra02 says:

    Please, reupload this videos – http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/arm-138/ and http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/arm-153/
    links on this pages are dead/

  96. BugFix says:

    Happy new year !!
    Problem with password of Ayaka Yamashita has been fixed, but http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/beaspectacled-ayaka-mikami-gives-a-great-blowjob/ still gives me “Incorrect password. Try again”.
    Please repair this, Ayaka is kinky!

  97. anon says:

    please upload DIV-069

  98. step4 says:

    thx for all the great posts anyway but the recently added REposts (from around feb/march) lead to old/dead links (k2s,RG,UL). Pity 🙂

  99. YuVe says:

    Reup ARMG-183 please.

    Thanks for the hard work!!!

  100. star69 says:

    pls pls pls upload more maria ozawa

  101. Etienne says:


    Hello please could you re-up this movie Jav Dandy 229 because the links are dead.Thank you very much

  102. japss says:

    reupload KKP-002 plzzz, and how about nhdt-475 ? Old but cool.

  103. star69 says:

    Can I request DASD-299 in high definition please

  104. Tosuperman says:

    Can you please reupload the rapidgator links of http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/heydouga-4017-ppv200/
    as they are no longer working

  105. keijo says:

    Links no longer work, please reupload


    Thanks for everything so far

  106. Hidoe says:

    ARMD-976 please. 🙂

  107. fib720 says:

    Please reup GJCM-016!!
    thanks a lot 🙂

  108. Alexandre says:

    I would love to see this erotic dance, if possible DINA-03 HIP & HIPs Vol.01 and DINA-04 HIP & HIPs Vol.02, and much of the time, from already thank the posts !!!!!!!!!!

  109. star69 says:

    sorry for bumping my request but is there any chance you can reupload:


    if not please respond so I can look elsewhere

  110. Alexandre says:

    Congratulations for the post of erotic dances !!!!!!!!!!!

  111. GSM says:

    please send you any functional link to download YAB00030 – enamel gloves hj http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/yab-030-2/

  112. anticrime says:

    Can you please reupload VSPD-005? It’s nowhere else on the Internet!

  113. froglegs says:

    Hi Kappiah,
    Thank for a job well done on this site.

    Would it be possible for you to re-upload NADE-715?

  114. Matthew Malone says:

    Could you reupload the links please? Melanie and Madison are amazing! Thanks!


  115. popo says:


    please reupload this one, ill happily get a premium acc if you do.and what resolution is it on? it says 4gb.should be at least 720p/540p.

    thanks for your work.

  116. dante says:

    please re-up arm-210!

  117. request says:

    Hey guys, is it possible for you guys to upload this?


  118. John Wang says:

    Please re-upload ARM-100 (All Links no longer work. )
    Thanks in advance.

  119. takoomi says:

    Hello! Could you please reupload this one? Thanks!


  120. Tommy says:

    I looking for this movie “MDYD-564 Mizuki Tachibana”, could you please upload this movie?

  121. star69 says:

    props to Kappiah for this site i just found this site a couple of days can i request the following:

    http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/zgal-03-2/ reup pls
    http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/ifd-01/ reupl pls
    CRPD-325 Torture Of Black Lesbian Body Noa Gisele Noa

    thanks again for this site

  122. kd420 says:

    do u have any movies with Shoko Goto and Marina Matsushima, thanks for all your uploads

  123. japss says:

    OMG, tnx for http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/gar-041/ , ultra cool jav. If i remember correctly, it has been uploaded here(another your old blogs) before, and you uploaded it again, tnx for this.

  124. Dante says:

    Please re-upload SMR-027 with Ryo Sasaki

  125. waerq says:


    Something’s wrong with this post. No download links or descriptions

  126. Revilo says:


    i am looking for the movie/series which contains this scene. it is like a bukkake circle and i wouldmlike to see more of this stuff. could you help me please? i would appreciate it very very much.

    best regards

    so here is the screenshot: http://pimpandhost.com/image/36485532-medium.html

    i hope it is okay to post this link.

  127. Mace says:

    Kappiah98,could you please re-upload these vids.Thanks.


  128. robb says:

    IDL-006 links are all down.

    Also can you upload ECMK-003 and MIGD-072 if possible? Actress Risako Konno

  129. glovesxman says:


  130. kd420 says:

    any chance there is a HD source for the following:


  131. japss says:

    How about nhdt-475 ? Old but cool.

  132. Sartre says:

    Can you please send me the file ARM-170? The links are all dead. They do not work. PLEASE EMAIL ME A VALID LINK TO THIS FILE!!!!!! Thank you.

  133. binarystar25 says:

    Hi man. Been following your blog for YEARS now, always the first place I visit when looking for new stuff since you seem to have similar taste to me. wanted to make a reupload request for SFOL-01,one of the only few Yuno Hoshi movies I do not own. Thanks for all the uploads!

  134. Cimo says:

    Movie: MIDE-070 ask for zip volume 4 … there are only 3

  135. xeratzy says:

    can you reupload SIMG-208?

  136. robb says:

    Please upload ECMK-003 and MIGD-072 with Risako Konno, can’t be found anywhere online to download.

  137. Volkner says:

    Pleaseeee re-upload all the videos you still have of AMCF (Red Zone)’s that are about glans torture!! Thxxxxxx so much >333333<

  138. bobsbugersjoint says:

    AGEMIX-072 Is down, I supported by getting k2s premium for videos like this.


  139. Rawrence says:

    Is it possible to re-up oomn-014?
    All links are down. Please..

  140. woots says:

    Is it possible to re-up T28-315? http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/t-28315/ all links are down.

  141. tokomo says:

    Can you please post jks-063 ? Many thanks!

  142. Kikaida1 says:

    Thanks once again for your continuing great posts, Kappiah! I have a request — would it be possible for you to post


    I’ve been wanting to see this, but can’t find current links anywhere. Thanks!!!

  143. pete says:

    Awesome Site.
    Can you re-upload JMLS-027
    Big thanks in advance!

  144. Lonewolf says:

    Hi. First thank you for this site, I love it!
    And I found some dead links:

  145. lolikomori says:

    DKSS-51 wrong link

    thank you very much
    m(_ _)m

  146. hariboykun says:

    Hi, first of all thank you for your work.
    After having lost movies on my Hard drive, I’m having trouble getting back. Could you please reupload SDDE-164?
    I’m also desperately looking for NHDT-766.
    Thank you very much guys!

  147. refr says:

    Hello please upload
    bomn-099 on rapidgator please

  148. ssh says:

    Please upload:
    B031 (AOI Inoue Rey’s nipple play)

  149. Ron Berens says:

    Awesome site! I’m a big fan of Nonoka Momose and I was very happy I found some of her video’s.

    I do have one request:
    Could you upload TMAM-031 – “Keru Straw Man Because Droopy Eye Makeup”

  150. Kin Kin says:

    Can u upload more TNY- series videos?

  151. nekonya says:

    I love your site and thank to every upload.
    Could you re-upload SCF-001?
    Thank you very much!

  152. milly2s says:

    Great Site- Any chance of re-uploading http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/vicd-148/ on Keep-2-share ?
    Much appreciated.

    Thank You

  153. Khang says:

    Can you please post vandr-106 ? Many thanks!

  154. Steven says:

    Can you please post KAR-386 , KAR-343 ? Many thanks!

  155. Greg Markham says:

    FYI, the link at the top of your webpage (along the banner) http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/home/
    is not keeping up-to-date with the “Check out our Recent finds” list on the right hand side.

    You have a fantastic site though. Stellar work. Very comprehensive & informative.

  156. FilthyMaggot says:

    Any chance of reuploading HOPB-005? Much appreciated.

  157. Alex says:

    Reupload BOMN-094B rapidgator please….thanks

  158. QPix says:

    Where can I get DANDY-378 (Foxy Di) uncensored?

  159. Johnson says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    The C part of KAR-507 requests part4.rar for unrar. please check. Thanks!

  160. ken says:

    Hi! ADMIN.
    PLS RE-UP [MN-XXX]series


  161. FooMaster says:

    Can we get more legsjapan.com stuff. Awesome stuff by the way. Very nice job.

  162. Anon says:

    Anyone know where I can find Japanese 5-Toed Pantyhose videos?

  163. Superman says:

    Please reupload


  164. elrasu says:

    can you also upload ATKD-094 and PBD-254 thank you

  165. elrasu says:

    can you re-upload GWAZ-007,Aism-038,ARM-010,

  166. kd says:

    sorry to bother you bro,can you please re-upload the following:


    thanks for your hard work!!!

  167. Mavi says:


    Thank you for running this awesome site. I have already purchased an Uploaded.net account. May I request BBST series from you? Its not available anywhere online, believe me I searched more than 6 months. You have uploaded BBST-11 and I downloaded it then. Thanks in advance.


  168. vrbfan says:

    Would you kindly reupload http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/kin80510-victoria-rae-black/ , preferably on rapidgator? It’s literally impossible to find anywhere on the internet now.

    Thank you for running such a great website!

  169. Nevabong says:

    There is some bad plugin on the site which is redirecting to spam sites. Please see this link :


  170. Tyson says:

    Hi, can you please re-upload DJSG-023 and DJSG-063 ?


    Thanks a lot !!!

  171. episkeptis says:


    You have a great site!
    Can you please re-upload Gang-18

    Thank you for readind.

  172. chris says:

    Please upload


  173. kin ly says:

    could you reupload yzd-019.. specifically this one? http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/yzd-019-horny-blond-milf-swallows-loads-of-sticky-japanese-cum/

    I had this scene a long time ago and lost it. One of my favorite scenes of all time. Saw that you had it uploaded before and would love to have it again. Please!

  174. Wobby says:


    Do you still have this movie? It’d be pretty neat if you could reupload this.


    Thanks in advance!

  175. Tomster says:

    The movie posted here does not match the screen shots:


  176. kd says:

    could i request the following

    [GRDV-009] Marina Matshushima & Shoko Goto – Fetish World

    [MIDD-955] Super Jcup Big JULIA Instructor

    thanks for this great site

  177. Boondee says:


    for ARM-100 ,would be great if you could re-upload the rapidgator links


  178. Boondee says:


    Could admin please reupload ARM-200 ?

    Thanks a bunch.

  179. G Lopez says:

    Could you please re-upload TDBR 69, and would you be able to find TDBR 40 or 51?

  180. dev says:

    dear admin, can you reupload download link of BOIN-126, thanks a lot.

  181. hjatb says:

    FYI, for ATFB-164, the thumbnail panel is for ATFB-0024

  182. hjatb says:

    for ASFB-029 it looks like the UL.TO links were provided twice instead of providing the K2S links, would be great if you could add the K2S links if available.


  183. Dandanng says:

    I would like to download SDDE021 手コキクリニック 2 but the links are not working. Could you please upload this again? Thanks very much!!
    And do you have SDDE004 安里祐加のオナニーのお手伝いしてあげる?

    Thanks very very much!!!

  184. Jerry Brown says:

    any chance of getting EBOD-310, EBOD-290 and IENE-277 in HD
    Many thanks in advance

  185. glovesxman says:

    Can you friend reupload YAB-030 please? Thank you very much. http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/yab-030-2/

  186. RE says:

    Can you guys please reupload KK-058?



  187. FL says:


    Could you please re-upload ARM-138? All links are dead.

    Many thanks : )

  188. kd says:

    could i request DPMI-002 and DPMI-013, thanks for all your hard work!!!

  189. Koon says:

    Could you please re-upload RCT-634??
    I was downloading it, and I finished its part06.rar out of 9 files, but the file suddenly became invaild.

  190. rud says:

    Can you guys please upload RUD-009 and/or RUD-007?

  191. hjatb says:

    Would be thrilled if we could have a throwback to some of the old REAL titles focused on blowjobs. The following for example:


    some of these I’ve been searching forever! Thanks in advance for any help, love the site and have used the links for premium!

  192. ptello090 says:

    Admin, can you please post BUR-442? On Rapidgator, if possible. It features Samantha Rone and Aspen/Naveen Ora. Thanks in advance.

  193. jacka says:

    Hi admin , could you reupload BKSP-047 ?
    thanks in advance !

  194. G Lopez says:

    First of all thanks so much for the website!! I have been looking for a couple of movies for a long time. Would you have access to MXPA 023 and or CVGD 001, I have a rapidgator premium account to support your site. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks again for all the great movies!!

  195. Insite says:

    Exists a uncensored version of PTKS-039 and can you upload it?
    I just want ivana Sugar. 😉

    BTW: I realy love your site.

    • Kappiah98 says:

      We are yet to come across the uncensored version of the movie. You can sure we will have it for you the moment we get hold of it. Thanks for your kind words. As always, please don’t forget to support us when you have the chance.

  196. shiv says:

    Hey I want to support you guys by getting a paid account through either K2S or RapidGator, but the links you have provided under “msgs from us to you” are not there. Could you please list a link or a ref #? I came across your sight and found things that Ive been looking for a while, keep up the great work.

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Thanks for your kind words. The links are working all right. We just checked them. Alternatively simply clicked on any of our files to make the sale. We really need your support. We can only bring you new and hard to find movies if only you support us.

  197. Lukas says:

    Greetings Admin, could you re-upload back JCKL-114? the links is dead.

  198. hotguy says:

    can you please re-upload BOIN-066?

  199. Dimas Algar says:

    Hey, the links for FRD-03 and FRD-04 are all broken. It will be much appreciated if you could fix or re-upload the links. Thank you.

  200. fab76 says:

    Hi Admin(s) 🙂

    can you please upload CVDX series?
    I’d appreciate it very much.

    p.s. Keep up your good work.

  201. Mrabspor says:

    Hello! Could you please reupload this one? Thanks!


  202. nekonya says:

    Hi! Thanks for the daily updates.
    Could you re-upload GUR-006?
    Thank you!

  203. josh says:

    The wrong links for Heydouga 4137-PPV117.

  204. luckey says:

    could u please upload ryoko murakami movies

  205. Dino824 says:

    Sorry, the file: HUNT 969,is damaged? no audio? it’s possible reloaded?

  206. Babbyfoldje says:

    Can you reup this maybe?


    rapidshare premium link please

  207. ista says:

    hey, could you please re-upload this? http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/roselip-unspecified-3/

    thank you very much.

  208. Mike says:

    All links for UTOPIA-005 are dead. Please re-up.

  209. flaxino says:


    Is it possible to reupload ARMD-449 ?

    Thanks a bunch

  210. Nick says:

    Hello! Can you please re-upload DMBA-75? Thank you very much!

  211. stranger says:

    Can you reupload dandy-337 ?
    Thank you

  212. Joshua says:

    Hello! Can you please reupload ARMD-279? Thank you very much!

  213. Kuro says:


    Could you please reupload ARMD-710?

    Also, rapidgator links dead so fast recently, they only live for about 3-4 months. You might want to consider another host like Ryushare or Subyshare.

    Thank You.

  214. javlover says:

    Hello, can you reupload edgd-130?? thank you very much!

  215. ZeRO says:

    Hi Admin, can you pls re-up arm00178, thx

  216. jjbroan says:

    Hi! Great website! I ran into it looking for some jav content in google.

    There’s a vid you have that I was looking for a long time.


    I love that girl’s features. If you could reupload that when you are able to, I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks! Keep posting forever haha!

  217. tosuperman says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    Can you please repost the rapidgator link for the following



  218. straussjr says:

    Hi Admin, can you pls re-up KOH-005, thx.

  219. go yuh min says:

    Maker: Karuma
    Label: Baraetei
    Cast: @you Minami Sayaka

  220. Bumpdaback says:

    Will you even share ymdd058 and sb003? mia malkova amwf:(

  221. A reader says:

    Dear sir,
    DOKS-143 has been expired, cannot download it.

  222. kapjavah says:

    can you please reup BOBB-080?

  223. hens says:

    Dear sir.

    please reupload RCT-047 Ru Ya In Front Of The Family Threatened To Disturb You Suddenly At Home In Minako Saotome Has A Secret Plan Work Without Apo AV Candid Super!
    Please sir.

  224. giganticb says:

    hello kappiah
    could you please upload MIXS-003, ARMM-028?

  225. john says:

    The links for DJSJ-003 are all dead, and have been looking for them for a long time. Could they please be re-uploaded to uploaded.net by anyone?

    thanks alot

  226. Gall says:

    Very good website, thx for hard work. Only, detriment that hasn’t depositfiles.com.
    Maybe, do you have:
    – BOMN-115 Limited Than I Cup! ! Big Tits Fucking SP Carefully Selected Collection Of 40 Persons 6
    – RSBX-101 All-time High Semen Soaked!

  227. spaceshaun92 says:

    please you can re-up AISM-31 thank you!!!

  228. Craig Manson says:

    Hi Kappiah98,

    I kept downloading files from your website for a long time, honestly I love all of the AMWF clips. Thanks for sharing those clips I have to say, but I have a request, cos I want to have some movies, but I cannot find anymore who has shared that… So I wish you could lend a hand.

    The movies what I want are listed below,

    So Kappiah98, I really wish that you could help met share these videos, I’ll appreciate for your help.

  229. kd says:

    do you have any referral links so i can support this site and show my appreciation for your hard work?

  230. sadie says:

    I stumbled to your site while searching for a HD version of pna-068 http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/pna-068/

    unfortunatley the rapidgator links are down

    I know this will probably be buried with the heaps of requests but if you could reupload this i would be most grateful

    Either way thanks for your impressive work

  231. Delar says:

    Hi, I just discovered this site and, first of all, I wanted to thank whoever’s in charge here because this site is amazing, hell, so much so that if I wasn’t entirely broke, because being a student sucks, I’d even support the site financially, wich really isn’t something I usally say.

    Now, getting to the point, the download links for ARMD-728 (www.kappiahjavstuff.net/armd-728/) are all dead, so I wanted to ask if it was possible to reupload it sometime in the future, I’ve been looking for that movie for quite some time and this was the only place I could find it.
    … I could also ask if you could reupload it split in multiple files instad of a single huge to make it downloadable without a premium account, but it’s probably not in your best interest to do so, so forget I said anything.

    Thanks in advance for tha reupload, or if that’s not possible, thanks again for the site anyway.

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Thanks for your kind words. We will eventually get to your movie. As you can understand, that might take a while. Meanwhile we hope you enjoy what we have on offer. As to splitting up files, well.. you answered your own question. Thanks once again.

  232. Kin Kin says:


    Can u find some time to reupload dkm-11 and diya-12?


  233. steve says:

    idbd00547A.wmv.part4 is missing for rapidgator. Can you upload? Thanks.

  234. eddy says:

    Just discovered this website. Amazing work!

    Shame that all links from 2013 entries are no longer valid. Do you plan to re-upload some of the older vids?

  235. Zenshin says:

    Can this be reuploaded? had this before my hard disk crashed and would love to be able to have it again.


  236. john says:

    The links for DJSJ-003 are all dead, and have been looking for them for a long time. Could they please be re-uploaded to uploaded.net by anyone?

    thanks alot

  237. Arkz says:

    Looking for UNKB-903, EVE-003, CM-01/CM-02, GJ-011, HPD-49, NFDM-009..just trying my luck if you have them! :D~

  238. Mika says:

    I would like to ask for a reupload for this
    Thx. in adv. if possible

  239. Tom says:

    Love your site and have a Merry Christmas!

  240. guwnoseby says:

    Please can you reup HITMA-114 all links are dead;/

  241. kd says:

    Great site any chance i could request [SOE-704] Anri Okita – Monster Bust Instructor or anything starring Anri Okita thanks

  242. steve says:

    Please reupload DVH-515.

    Would be greatly appreciated!

  243. MACHI says:


  244. classickappiah says:

    hey admin! hunt-013 cannot be found anywhere other than this site.
    please re-uploaded! thanks.

  245. AbsoluteFan says:

    Thanks to havr re-uploaded the old DJNK (DJNK-27)
    I love those girls making themselves cum their panties on 🙂

  246. man loving kappa says:

    Hi Kappiah! XD

    Your website is really AWESOME! but i just found that there are so many dead links. Would you please reupload JUMP-1072
    please~ i search it everywhere but still haven’t found it.

    Thank you so much and be happy 🙂

  247. Rohan says:

    Hey Admin. ATFB-085 link is dead. Please reupload.

  248. Mikail says:

    Admin please reupload ATFB-085 because all link is dead.

  249. John says:

    Love your work! Could you possibly reupload DSKM-027 and MIAD-174 on rapidgator? These are particularly hard to find. Also are there uncensored ones with African American girls and Japanese guys? Thanks!!

  250. Kevleong says:

    Anybody has this videos of Cassie Young in AMWF?


    High Quality Call Girl BOND BC-100(censored),
    Amateur Madam Hunting in L.A. 14(JUKD-739, censored),
    (AVGP-027, censored)

  251. MACHI says:


  252. Mavi Suruwa says:


    Thank you for the AWSESOME colllection of Stuff.

    I bought an Uploaded.Net premium account just to download videos tagged with “Breast-feeding”. But it seems only few recent entries are alive, all the older entries were dead for both Uploaded.Net and Rapidgator. Is it possible to re-upload the rest of missing links Please.

    Muchh appreciated. Thank you.


  253. Mavi Suruwa says:

    Can you please re-upload?

  254. f1danzata says:

    please reupload http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/dwd-060/ & http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/sdms-856/
    i cant find this JAV anywhere except here. Great blog.
    thnks in advance 🙂

  255. Soopa Mary-O says:

    Could you please reupload GUN-001? Thanks!

  256. fab says:

    Hi Admin! Can you please reupload VNDS-2858? Thanks in advance 🙂

  257. ptklover says:

    And nps-042 too !

  258. ptklover says:

    Dude, you have to reupload PTK-010
    That video can’t be gone from this website 🙁

  259. spaceshaun92 says:

    Kappiah98 Please Re-Up DOKS-185 DOKS-169 DOKS-177 DOKS-208 DOKS-127 Thank You Very Much!!!!

  260. Kevleong says:

    Can somebody please reupload NPS-042 starring Britney Amber?

  261. Arkz says:

    UNKB-903, MDTK-006…
    More mothers entertainment

  262. fab says:

    Hello Admin! 🙂 can you please upload the VAHE series? Keep up the good work.

  263. Kent says:

    Hi, the file Kin8tengoku-0359 Part A does not work, the file is corrupt and only plays the first few minutes. Can you please re-upload

  264. vincent says:

    Hello Kappiah

    Thanks so much for KDMI-021 and ARM-210 two great movies .. 🙂
    I’m still looking for ARM-317 may be you have you have this one?
    (with the same actress from ARM-210 , i forgot her name )

  265. Mat says:

    Love your site, I’m wondering if it would be hard for you to had images to your RSS feed ?

    Thanks a bunch

  266. dino says:

    Could you please upload HUNT-106 HUNT-140? Thank you.

  267. Ryan says:

    Please reupload RAM-039

  268. me says:

    please kindly reupload sdms548 if you get a chance, thank you very much

  269. noname says:

    Could you please reupload SDMT-204
    Thank you.

  270. Star says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    I see that you have the Rachel Roxxx “She Loves Asian Cock” video. Would it be possible for you to upload the full HD version (it is 1.8-1.83 gb), kind of like what you did with the Lexi Belle and Natasha Nice videos? Thanks.

  271. kh2 says:

    Please reupload ARMG-158. All links are not working!

  272. Tim says:

    Could you please reupload KS-8347? Thank you.

  273. oggdogg says:

    Hey awsome thread and thx for sharing…

    Please whenever you have time could you reup UMD-10

    Respect bro thx

  274. blackgold168 says:


    I’m looking for SDDE-250, thank you in advance!

  275. vinch66 says:

    Dear Admin 😉

    i search since many time for ARM-317 ( infoundable)

  276. fohn says:

    dear admin/uploader, please reupload:

    keep up the great work updating the rare javs

  277. fingh says:

    please upload jks056 It’s thigh job movie

  278. wtwo says:

    Please reupload simg00019.wmv links are dead. thanks

  279. Mike says:

    Please reupload SMR-027 the two previous links are dead.

  280. jjh says:

    PLEASE reupload DOKS-210!! thanks!

  281. Raynox says:

    Hi Kappiah! XD

    Your website is really AWESOME! but i just found that there are so many dead links. Would you please reupload WA-118, MADV-164, DOKS-211 and AVOP-076 please~ i search it everywhere but still haven’t found it.

    Thank you so much and be happy 🙂

  282. slawkins says:

    Please split the Emma Mae clip (kin8tengoku-0357) in three (or two) parts!

  283. Guy says:

    Please post the video MPCR-007.


  284. slawkins says:

    Please upload NHDT-817. Thanks!

  285. jjh says:

    Please reupload DOKS-210. All three links are not working. I will buy a premium account if you are able to reupload.

  286. An_sel says:

    Can you reupload this – http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/agemix-107/ ?
    And can you upload MN-053?

  287. Tim says:

    Thank you for uploading kin8tengoku 0407 – Hezar. Could you also upload kin8tengoku 0440 (Hezar’s sex scene)?

  288. Arkz says:

    Thank you for posting MDSH-008! I have been looking for MDTK-006, have you seen them?

  289. giganticb says:

    hello kappiah
    could you please upload MIXS-003?

  290. vacuumlover says:

    The movie NFDM-335 is VERY GREAT. I love vacuumcleaner movies.
    Please upload one or more of the following movies:

    NFDM-018, NFDM-333, NFDM-336, NFDM-347

  291. slande says:

    hi, great job on the selection! please can you reupload http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/jump-1072/

    to uploaded.com


  292. fab says:

    Can you please upload GUN series? ^_^ Thanks in advance

  293. Arkz says:

    Thank you for posting mothers entertainment pictures videos! loved it so much!

    Please post more if you have them? Such as MDSH004, MDSH011, MDSH012, MDSH015, MDSH016 or even MDTK006. I am just giving a possible list knowing chances are slim that you have them, just trying my luck.

    Thank you! Keep them coming and keep up the good work.

  294. Reyna says:

    Could you Reupload FETI-108 to RG, please?

  295. Kuro says:


    Your site is great. However, could you make the “search result” page and “archive” page to show the cover of the movie? Just like in homepage.

    Browsing for a good movie is little bit difficult when the page only shows movie code and description, as we need to open them one by one to find the one that we like.


  296. sisujav says:

    Awesome shares and thank you…Can you please re-up PTBI008 and PTBI011 series…

  297. Nick says:

    Hi kappiah,

    Do you have AGEMIX-231,AGEMIX-234, and AGEMIX-231? Thanks!

  298. tiko says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    You do a great job. Love your site!
    I just wanted to know if you could re-post DDB-187 and DMBA-41.
    Sorry to trouble you but I appreciate if it’s possible.

    Just keep good work!

  299. tosuperman says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    Can you please repost the rapidgator link for the following



  300. Zdonk says:

    Hi! Love the site! Just amazing stuff! I was just wondering if there is a possibility to re-upload ARM-132. I bought a premium account at uploaded.net. I would even buy ARM-132 but only found it at Aroma Plannings site and I don’t understand Japanese, please please help me out! Take care!

  301. Pentaro says:

    Actresses names for SDDE-365:

    水城奈緒 Nao Mizuki
    あゆみ翼 Tsubasa Ayumi
    浅倉領花 Ryouka Asakura
    山口二菜 Nina Yamaguchi
    みおり舞 Miori Mai
    通野未帆 Miho Touno
    松嶋友里恵 Yurie Matsushima
    初芽里奈 Rina Hatsume

  302. giganticb says:

    hello kappiah, this site is heaven for me! thank you.
    could you please upload some videos?

    NEO-002 (Radix)

  303. Arkz says:

    More mothers entertainment pictures please!!

  304. kevleong says:

    Can someone please reupload all the SheLovesAsianCock videos? they’re all dead. thank you

  305. John says:

    Can you please re upload these links they are all dead.
    Yui Hatano

    Rina Fukada

  306. LoveKappia says:

    Could you repost GWAZ-023. All the links are dead…


  307. jitsuroku says:


    please upload zcol00015a.wmv of ul.to

  308. Joshua says:

    Hi there. Can you upload http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/rose-lips-site-rip-more-movies-added-today-2/, file 0262? It seems to be incorrect. Thanks.

  309. ojichi says:

    Can you reupload GAR-102 please

    Finally found it but links are dead.


  310. BobaFukt says:

    I just wanted to point out that the video RGBH-026 appears to be corrupted. I noticed that there are several periods during the video that are… scrambled… I don’t know if anything can be done, but I’m hoping that it’s something that can be fixed, because from what I had seen, the video is an excellent find for any fan of assjob videos.

    With that said, as a fan of assjob videos myself, I simply wanted to thank you for having one of the only good sources for such videos. This site is awesome period.

  311. Tino says:

    You should be more famous than you are now man. With a website so simple and effective without any annoying ads, I’d buy a premium account of any file hosting site you use.

    Can you please re-upload these three
    http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/mugf-016/ (this one says that the file is too big for me to download

  312. JavFetishFan says:


    Could you please repost the video ARMD-270?

    Thank you.

  313. lovekappiah says:

    Can you reupload this great film : http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/atfb-033/


  314. sigfred says:

    Hi. Great site super complete.
    Please reupload ARMG-171

  315. B_Man says:

    Hi Kappiah,
    Great website!! On the following link:
    The two links to the download page(s) don’t work….
    If you could fix the problem or re-upload it I would be very happy indeed 🙂
    Thanks for your help,

  316. freddy says:

    any chance of reupping PNA-068 HD?

    thanks. your site is awesome!

  317. potato says:


    Thank you for your wonderful website. Truly one of its kind.

    I wanted to ask, is it possible to have new links for “OPEN-707”,
    http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/open-707/ ?

    As a gesture of good will, I will buy premium on whichever filehost you use, should you decide to re-upload it.

  318. Kappiahlover says:

    Hello Kappiah can you reupload UD-363? thank you so much you’re the best!!!

  319. kokona lover says:

    @Kappiah98 Please can you REupload ZGAL-03? The links are down. Thank you very much!

  320. Mr. Luigi says:

    All your links from January are dead. Would like to download the AFTBs

  321. MasihTampan says:

    Please Reupload WA-158.

  322. Kappiah Lover says:

    please reupload DSMJ-016

  323. javlover says:

    Please mister can you REupload UD-363? The links are down. Thank you very much!!!!!

  324. JapaneseJesus says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you take requests? If so, could you get BDD-37. If not, it’s no big deal. You do great work! Thanks!

  325. jampong says:

    hello admin, can you please re-upload ATFB-078, ATFB-107, ATFB-124, ATFB-138 thanks in advance!

  326. yamate says:

    great great site, but can update the dead links on:


  327. wuwangliao says:


    I can’t download it now?Can you reupload it?

  328. JavFetishFan says:

    Is it possible to repost MKS and MPCR clips?

  329. boblew says:

    Thank you for all your hardwork! Is it possible to get a repost of this rare Judith Fox video? I cannot find it anywhere else. 🙁

    Thank you in advance!


  330. Tetsuo says:


    thank you for you great work on this site. Could you please add again DOKS-021? It would be possible to add some similar movie, like DOKS-021 or DOKS-067? Both Aroma Planning and Office should provide a wide catalog, but some other producers too…

    Thank you very much for all

  331. MZ says:

    Hello sir can u reupload CHL-071: A Censored and Interracial Movie: [“Super AV Major League world Uniform declaration”] Kousaka Yukari takes on an intercaial cast of men – white, Latin and black please.. i am serching for this movie many years.. Finally i found it.. But link is dead… can u reupload please…

  332. spaceshaun92 says:

    please fix DOKS-137 Thanks!!!

  333. spaceshaun92 says:

    please fix REAL-257 and REAL- 409 thanks a big fan!!!

  334. Choiestin says:

    Haley Cummings and Jessie Palmer’s scenes are not including in the link below, would you mind to upload it again… Thanks

  335. JAV says:

    The links for NFDM-242 are wrong. They link to NFDM-239.

  336. Joe says:

    EDGD-089 A is broken; B is a whole different movie.

    Apart from that, thanks for the hard work!

  337. 119912 says:

    ARMD-909 died pls fix it thx

  338. Hitomi-Fan says:

    Hi first off I want to say great content you have I been a fan for a while. I also get premium memberships when I can.

    If it’s not too much trouble couls you post some of the BOMC series in particular Kaori BOMC 049? OR any others you may have.


    Sorry forgot to add link, in the last post.

  339. Hitomi-Fan says:

    Hi first off I want to say great content you have I been a fan for a while. I also get premium memberships when I can.

    If it’s not too much trouble couls you post some of the BOMC series in particular Kaori BOMC 049? OR any others you may have.

  340. Guy says:

    SDMU-079 has no part 10 for Uploaded file server

  341. Stan says:

    I keep getting the ‘page (or file) not found’ page trying to download file ABCB-004. Could you upload it again please?

  342. Arkz says:

    Please upload more of Mothers Entertainment Pictures!
    I need MSDH 004, 011, 012 & 015.

  343. Javlover says:

    Incredible site Mr.

    Can you please REupload AGEMIX-138??? Please sir.

    Thank you very much

  344. ogami says:

    Hello admin,

    Thank you for your blog and everything you share.

    Could you please re-up these:


    And, do you have the HD version of these:

    carib 090909_161 July Silver VIP Private Tour Guide in Prague
    carib 123108_948 Cindy Dollar in Prague

    Thanks a lot for considering the requests!

  345. passingguy says:

    hi admin, can you please reupload for yab-088? I’m really interested in this video and could not find it anywhere else. It would be great if you could reupload it in multiple parts as my internet connection is very poor

  346. hotmen says:

    all handjob movies 2013 is broken =(

  347. bruno says:

    Love the site and good that you are using K2S links.
    Can I make a request?
    Could you please try and source films with (preferably) mature women who have nice and long nipples playing with themselves and masturbating.
    Failing that ANY other films of masturbating women.

  348. kakeru says:

    can you re-up DKSW-101 and DKSW-111? thanks!

  349. slawkins says:

    I don’t want to sound too demanding or unpolite, but if you could reup kin8tengoku-0237, kin8tengoku-0518, x1x-112311, 052412_318-caribpr and caribbean-022312_263, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks anyway for this amazing blog.

  350. Automat Kalashnikova says:

    ELO-214 video is corrupted

  351. boyti says:

    hello admin, please re-upload
    DJSG-028, DJSG-038, DJSI-001, DJSF-006
    thank you so much!

  352. r3z4prof says:

    can u re upload some videos in this category??


    i just got the new release on that category

  353. dino says:

    If you have time, could you up BYD- Thanks!

  354. taifsmf says:

    If you have time, could you re-up JHD-002? Thanks!

  355. loveph says:

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Can you please re-upload DOKS-228 ??

  356. Mike says:

    Still the same, add agemix-156 and arm-107 to the list as well. It seems that half the uploads these days are attachment pics only and don’t contain links to the videos.

  357. Kappiahrulez says:

    Please fix HITMA-66 Kappiah. Its links are dead

  358. Kappiah U rock! says:

    Can you please re-upload HITMA -66? All 3 links show files deleted. Please upload it again.

  359. MXs says:

    cat-175 is agemix-066.

  360. dino says:

    EDGE-607 have no link

  361. fred123 says:


    Could you please reload OOMN-050


  362. jackie says:

    Please can you RE-upload “GAR-192: A Reverse Role Movie: Six cock loving and cock playing girls take bus tour with virgin boy-fans”

    It’s impossible to find it anywhere else, please consider this request!

    thank you very much and congratz for your great work

  363. dino says:

    The links for SIMG-266 movie http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/simg-266/ are broken

    Can you reupload? thanks

  364. dino says:

    The links for GUN-003 movie http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/simg-266/ are broken

    Can you reupload? thanks

  365. hengdixiao says:

    Hi, Thank you for providing so many great movies. Some of them I have been searching for years. I am so excited when I saw those movies in your website.

    But unfortunately, some of them are unable to download.
    So could reload those movies? I really appreciate.
    There are: DKSW-254 PTAV-008 SNFD-004 MUGF-029 MUGF-010 MUGF-013 ARMD-485 UUPD-01 UUPD-02 AGEMIX-107 AGEMIX-098 AGEMIX-117

    If you don’t have time, only part of them will be ok. thanks again!

  366. Dremora Caitliff says:

    The links for GUN-003 movie http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/gun-003-2/ are broken 🙁

    Can you reupload?

    BTW, great, great site!

  367. PEDRO says:

    ALL LINKS ARE BROKEN ON http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/zsd-68/ CAN YOU REPLOAD PLEASE? THX

  368. AWAWZ says:

    ALL LINKS ARE BROKEN ON http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/boin-039/ CAN YOU REPLOAD PLEASE? THX

  369. jack8572357 says:

    I love this web and thank you very much.
    By the way,would you upload Dandy-071??
    I really want to download it.

  370. Mike says:

    The links to jump-2230, DOKS-257, arm-277, arm-204 never showed up/or are broken.

  371. kenpachi says:

    Hello mister, congratz for your site it’s great!!!

    You have a lot of ASFUR movies, could you maybe also upload the latest ASW-155 ??? Thank you very much!!!

  372. JAV says:

    The following recent pages are broken (there’s just images without links): ARM-065, ATFB-097, DMBA-150, DMOW-018, DOKS-245, FETI-017.

  373. boyti says:

    admin, please re-upload this movies DJSI-001, DJSI-015, DJSG-040, DJSG-051 thanks!

  374. itfod says:

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if you could re-up PTKS-010? All the links on it are dead, and I’ve been looking for this movie for ages now.

    Also, if by any chance, could you look at getting SCR-079? It’s a really taboo sort of movie, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere online, and I’d buy it if I could, but I can’t, I fear…

    Thanks mate. 🙂

  375. JavLuv says:

    Hi. Thanks for all your work! Appreciate it.

  376. Jimmy Sato says:

    And i want request iwgb-037 …if you have someday please post it. Thx. so much Admin.

  377. Jimmy Sato says:

    Admin YAB-055 please, hope you can find it again. Thanks for your work and this fetish site …i support you.

  378. Reginald says:


    Is it possible to get a re-up of MVFD-035? Rapidgator is preferable as I have a Premium account there.

    Thanks for the great work!



  379. Rolan says:

    Can you please reupload:


    The links are dead 🙁

  380. MXs says:

    Please keep me in the loop if you decide to go private, which might be a good thing. Also, when are you going to upload the May 26-27 releases?

  381. CDJ says:

    Since it’s already been mentioned that some of the posts are kind of broken I thought I’d mentioned that your second try to post the movie DOKS-257 is broken as well.

    Which is a shame, because it looks pretty neat.

  382. Sam says:

    Hi admin, just wondering how come some of the recent posts are lack of download links? When I click them, they only have images. Some of the movies are great but i just cant download them.

    Thanks 🙂

  383. MXs says:

    DKSW-276 is broken. There are no links there.

  384. John says:

    Hi admin, can you please reup TYOD-059 links on rapidgator. Thanks!!

  385. jules says:

    looking forward to reup of MIQD-010.

    Thanks for your effort and amazing work.

  386. dante77 says:

    i clicked the safelinking in these titles, it says “This link does not exist.”


    can u fix it?

  387. himurasan says:

    Hello can you please post あ~もう我慢できませ~ん!暴発・早漏・ハプニング発射集 (ASW-155)thank you.

  388. arty says:




  389. Kin Kin says:


    Can u reupload part 1-4 of these movie
    DIYA-12, ARM-283

  390. Tyrael says:

    do you happen to have TDP-001, TDP-003, TDP-004, & TDP-005? they seem hard to find. i saw the 2nd and it’s funny. thanks.

  391. overclock says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    I consider myself very lucky when I stumble upon this site. You did an amazing job here.

    I have downloaded several PTKS series from your magnificent site, and I’m really grateful for that. If I may request something, can you please upload PTKS-040? I’m still missing this one though..

    Thanks and please keep up the magnificent job. 🙂

  392. Paizuri Lover says:

    Hi there Kappiah, i love your site and its contents as usual.

    Anyway, can i request that you upload ALX-572 on Rocketfile? There are only ryushare, keepshare and uploaded links currently for that video posted. My ryushare account has expired and i got rocketfile premium instead to try out since it is much faster, so i would greatly appreciate it you could re-upload that movie on Rocketfile instead.

    Many thanks.

  393. bigwv99 says:

    Could you please upload the ryushare links for ARM-010?

    the links are all dead !!!


  394. arty says:

    Was wandering if u have fcdc036 or any of the dpmi series?

  395. Derek Tam says:

    Hi there, really love your site, may you reupload the DANDY 073 and DANDY 081, the ones in Ryushares are dead, btw, I have tried the DANDY 73 in the other ryushare one you provided, but the one which is 1.4 GB is not the right one

  396. Markus Tan says:

    I don’t know how to support you for a Ryushare, could not find any links on ur webpage

  397. F1danzata says:

    please add (RYUSHARE) AKB-049, AKB-051, MOMD-002, PZD-002, PZD-002, SAIT-003 from Ren Ayase. thanks.

  398. assfan says:

    good work guys thank youuu!
    DKYF dance series looks pretty good on ass-job section. Add please <3

  399. dom says:

    Hi !
    i can’t see any other links except ryushare
    for AMD-184 and AMD-229?
    Do you have some others share sites for those movies !
    thanks in advance and keep up the great work.

  400. Sam lau says:

    hey I have bought the keep2share premium few days ago and just realize that new updated files (including ID-030 and kinpatu86-0098) do not have keep2share download links. Are you guys gonna to have keep2share download links for the future videos or you are not using it anymore?


  401. DOM says:


    Could you upload ARM-153 and REAL-471 ?

    really want to see these movies ! Thank you!

  402. jello says:

    Could you upload OOMN-086? I will continue to support you guys all the way!

  403. leo says:

    oh…I just buy the keep2share premium
    and I find out that many files on keep2share are error or deleted
    so sad T.T

    would you mind updata new files?

  404. Bart says:

    Thank you for all your hard work,great hard to finds. I have one request RKI-192 Chisato Shouda. A big Please and a bigger Thank You.

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Great to know you are a fan. You know the best way to help you get what you are looking for? By helping us… by sponsoring us with Ryushare or any of our filehosts. We sorely need your help, if we are to help you. We like receiving requests such as yours; but without support from people like you we cannot get what you want.

  405. Alspkk says:

    Can you upload YOUR-002? I can’t find anywhere!


    She’s a Hungarian sweet pussy, beauty girl.

    Thank you.

  406. katttie says:

    Would like to request this one ABCB-007


  407. Allan says:

    Can you re-post DVH-550? Thank you.

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Sorry about that. I don’t have the copy to re-upload anymore. I needed the space for new files. If we had more support from people like you we could easily replace “no longer available” files.

  408. mazomune says:

    Hey Kappiah, could you please upload part B of MDG-018 to Ryushare?

    At the moment, only part A is up there, and I really love these CFNM movies ;(


    • Kappiah98 says:

      Sorry about that. I don’t have the copy to re-upload anymore. I needed the space for new files. If we had more support from people like you we could easily replace “no longer available” files.

  409. kazama says:


    could i get a elo-215 other link?

    not luckyshare.

    i want a ryushare or rapidgator or uploaded ^-^

  410. kikaida1 says:

    Hi kappiah! Could you reupload OOMN-021 to k2s when you have a chance? It’s coming up blocked/deleted at the moment. Many thanks!

  411. tukangocok says:

    hy sir,i hope you can upload WF-192 Kureha Momiji vs Black Guy
    that is old jav on 2007 hope you still have that dvd sir 🙂

  412. mon1y says:

    Just stumbled on your site. Look like a good site since it has the description in English. Can you put up the ASFUR and FS.KnightsVisual in HD quality.

  413. jello says:

    Hey Kappiah, I love your works. Could you please upload more of OOMN, OKAS, OKSN, OKAE series? I can’t wait for more.

  414. messi says:


    Can you please reupload TDMJ-56? Only a few Ryushare links are working.


    Thank you!

  415. michael says:

    Request DKSW-40?
    Pretty please,or DKSW-80,
    Love the panty vids

  416. DreiDrag790 says:

    Hello Kappiah98 — I commend you and this blog; thanks to you I was able to track down a JAV I had been looking for for over four years! I am glad you had it.

    If you would be so kind, would you help me find four others I can’t seem to get elsewhere, now that I have identified them by their proper codes (NFDM-178, NFDM-190, NFDM-205, and NFDM-226)?

    I would appreciate it if you could at your earliest convenience. Thanx, and keep up the great work! All the best for you and your blog into the new year!


  417. Sam Bruce says:

    Any chance that you could resume posting on Rapidgator? Ulto and K2S are both really bad about deleting files, and it’s impossible to buy a premium account on Ryushare in the USA . . . Thanks!

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Thanks for your note. Here is the story about RG. In a single day they deleted 18,990 of my files. Just on a single day. That was 95% of my files. All because some twit who is angry because I said he couldn’t steal my files anymore sent urls of files on this site to them. They didn’t even bother to check if the guy was legit or not. How do you like that! My advice, get K2S. If you get it through my link (I can verify that) you don’t have to worry about missing any movies posted here thereafter. You just have to let me know and I will repost it for you. I am that loyal to my sponsors. Hope that helps.

      • Sam Bruce says:

        It does help — thanks for your response! Sorry to hear about RG and the ungrateful twit. I for one really appreciate all the great files you make available! And I will look into K2S. Thanks again!

  418. Tallyho says:

    Excellent site!! Do you by any chance have SDDE-055 on file? I have been looking for it for quite some time, but apparently it is out of print.

    Keep up the good work!


  419. NoTT says:

    Thank you for all movie

    Could you please upload movie mdog00001 and mdog00002 ?
    Thank you

  420. steevi says:

    SDDM-481 links are almost dead

  421. king says:

    can u get the whole fcdc series.
    especially fcdc036 please.

  422. kakao23 says:


    can reupload some DMBA series?

    I need: DMBA 13-57-70-72-85 & 106

    DMBA-89 also needed, You have a mistake in the repost and Rg links are dead and RS, UL and K2S are wrong

    Thanks for all

  423. Alexandre says:

    Congratulations on the site, the better the net with hot Asiatic!!!!!!!

  424. Alexandre says:

    Good morning! Would post the VSPDS-33, 36 series, these movies are great!! Thanks in advance!

  425. rashdimm says:

    Hi Kappiah and thank you very much for your site!

    Would you mind reuploading the following, because all files seem to be blocked or deleted (Rapidgator or Uploaded would be fine, I prefer Uploaded):

    – BBI-152
    – Naked Sena Sakura works a cock with her feet
    – Madoka Yukishiro uses her ass to do the job
    – XXX-Project 24: xss0042-02
    – Mizuho Shiina puts on a short skirt to work a cock with her feet
    – Yuu Kazuki puts on white stockings to do footjob
    – AGEMIX-089

    Thank you very much!!!

  426. RealJ says:


    I just recently discovered this site, and it seems to be quite nice. Unfortunately, most of the links for two movies, AGEMIX-098 and AGEMIX-117, are currently down. I was just checking to see if any of the dead links for either movie could be fixed. Sadly, Ryushare doesn’t work for me.


  427. Mark Johnson says:

    Hi – love this site – thsnks for sharing!

    I had one question, for the video APD-54: Kicking it with American bunny girls in Beverly Hills, where is the part with the actress on the cover?

  428. dante77 says:


    can u re-up OOMN-029 & RGYY-032 pls? all links are dead 🙁


  429. John Smith says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    Would you mind re-uploading ISY-004 on UL/RG as the links are dead at the moment.



    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  430. sandero says:


    Cuold you repost kappiah ???

  431. Sama says:

    Hey man, great site with some exclusive stuff.
    But i wanted to download some of the newer interracial stuff with my uploaded premium account but the links are offline, can you please check some links of the following movies and share them on uploaded again? thanks alot:
    The movies which are offline are:


  432. Ivan Chan says:

    Can post more hunting amateur from street? Like series of GFT, NPS, DSS, MDUD, ATMD, FIS, KGB, HNU, HNK, YVH…

  433. Alexandre says:

    Congratulations for post JAMB-003, amazing, great butts jav movie, keep it up is a great Christmas!!!!

  434. Charlie Brown says:

    First, thank you. You provide the best content anywhere on the web! Second, I had just renewed my rapidgator account, is there any update with them? I hate missing out on the new stuff you are posting but I’m waiting to see if you will be using rapidgator again. Thanks so much!

  435. Kapphiah is Awesome! says:


    you pick sooo many good movies.

    But one I really want has ALL links DEAD 8((

    Could you please reupload



    thanks so much!!!


    • Kappiah98 says:

      Sorry about that. And thanks for your kind words. MIGD-358 is unfortunately gone forever. But as they say, there are still plenty of fish in the river. My suggestion: if you see something you like now, just get it; you never know what might happen tomorrow.

  436. Paizuri Lover says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    i think the ryushare links for OBST-025 and DJSI-018 needs a re-upload. I’ve been trying to download these files via a premium account for the past 3 days and it always hangs halfway with network error

  437. Fapman says:

    Hey man, thanks for reuploading Zex-068. Awesome site and I’m a big fan of the Black/Asian Category.

  438. steve says:

    Hi Kapp,
    Love the site but I wonder if you could renew the dead links for DANDY-220?Thanks for using ryushare too.Happy Xmas!


  439. japss says:

    Now will be only premium links?

  440. Mike says:

    Please Rapidgator.net. Thanks.

  441. Xenovipere says:

    Hi mister Kappiah, first I must thank you for putting up this site, I can’t imagine the time used to build this collection!

    I have a little request, if you don’t mind. I’m quite interested in a very specific kind of tease: When a girl teases a man by putting her mouth on his boxers/underwear and blow air through it(puffing up her cheeks). I know it’s reaallly specific but if you remember a scene like that in a japanese DVD, do you think you may be able to give me some titles? I know I’ve seen this kind of scene in ARMD-711(first scene).

    Again thank you and I’m sorry for my crappy english 🙂

    • Kappiah98 says:

      I see, you are a man with the same exquisite tease taste as me. Thanks for the note. I would love to get such movies. I do need your support though, if that is to be possible. Getting these collections involve a lot of expenditure. Help us and we will go to the ends of the earth to bring you the movies of your taste. I surely will be on the lookout for such kinds of movies in the future, now that I know I have you to watch it. Thanks once more.

  442. straussjr says:

    Hi Admin.

    Do you know you download file does not exist anymore for the following videos?

    NFDM-231, 239, 230, 229, 228, 233.
    Can you please reup?

    • Kappiah98 says:

      I’m sorry they are gone forever. Sorry about that.There are still more fish in the sea though Check regularly, and please download whatever you see fast. You never know what might happen the next day, you know.

  443. JohnWarren says:

    Good day,All the RG links of BOIN,OKAS series are down. Can this be rectified ? — Cheers.

    • Kappiah98 says:

      I am at a lost. Something screwed up with their system and deleted all my RG files. And they tell me the files cannot be recovered. I will keep adding to the RG files (for the sake of my RG premium account holders). For files from the past you might have to use Ryushare.

  444. japss says:

    link jump02023A.part2.rar
    Downloaded file is 0mb, seems something wrong with link or file.

  445. legslover says:

    Hi, great site, I was just wondering whether you can upload the movies on this site:


    Has heaps of great foot fetish movies but I can’t find them anywhere in other jav sites

  446. Tamai says:

    Hi the ryushare links of OOMN-029 are not working

  447. Alexandre says:

    Good afternoon! Its post-06 JTDV the movie, and much mass, I thank you!

  448. Peter Knight says:

    Thanks for the 2 new exposure movies. Great find! Do you have any other to support your work than buying RU account?

    • Kappiah98 says:

      No other support, my friend. I depend entirely on your subscription to RU or RG or UL accounts. That is why I am constantly appealing to people like you to subscribe to those services via my links.

  449. Don says:

    thanks for armd-458…anymore like this?

  450. Damocles says:

    Hi Buddy,

    dkss-037 don’t have ryushare link.
    It post the wrong movie in the ryushare section for dkss-031

    Thank you

  451. japss says:

    Hello, how about nice jav KKP-003 ?
    This cool jav will be very suitable to this awesome blog 🙂
    Here some more video/picture examples http://www.sokmil.com/av/_item/item075999.htm

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Yes, what about it indeed, my friend! Your support and other people’s support will be necessary to get more movies like that here. Hopefully that support will be pouring forth in the days and weeks ahead. Let that support come and wherever the movies are we would move mountains to get them.

  452. request says:


    upload this movie

  453. request says:


    upload this movie

  454. request says:

    upload this movie

  455. theft says:

    **Don’t LEECH. Don’t STEAL. Check with me before re-posting this movie. If you post it without my consent people will report it to me and I will bring attention to your theft. So Please check with me first.

    NO!!!! NO!!!!

    Because I need money. ha ha ha

  456. Frankie says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    Part 2 of Part B of GQCD-32 fails during download from Rapidgator. This has happened twice. Just thought you should know. Thank you for all your great work.

  457. Kin says:

    Love you Ass-Job Vids, i’m a fan of japanese thick women so if can upload some i will be very grateful !

  458. Kin says:

    I just want to say that your site is awesome, great jav content one of the best in the internet !

  459. Paizuri Lover says:

    hi kappiah,

    i noticed that you have uploaded a few jukujo club videos and there is this particular clip that i’m interested it but the links are already dead since it was uploaded over many years ago

    熟女倶楽部 初裏 中山りお ラブラブデート 第三話

    just wondering if you have this movie?

  460. dutchie says:

    Hi Kappiah98,

    First, thanks for your site, I could keep on downloading movies from your site forever…

    I was downloading GAR-072.
    UL/K2S/RYSH were no longer available, and RG only had the first 3 parts. Is it possible to upload this one again?

    Thanks for your Work!


  461. Peter Knight says:

    Hi Kappyia98,

    Thanks for the DKOS series. Your really made my day, m8.

    Take care.

  462. Damocles says:

    Hi Bro,

    Do you mind if you can fix the armd-580? Thank you

  463. Paizuri Lover says:

    hi there, i love your site since most of the movie’s themes you posted are in accordance to my fetishes, for eg. blowjobs

    however, i’ve been searching for this video from the jukujo club series, even the japanese pay sites here don’t offer digital downloads.

    熟女倶楽部SP 初めての浮気

    I’m just interested in the blowjob part of the video. if you could find it i would gladly appreciate it : )

  464. Steve Gennaro says:

    Hey Kappiah! Do you think you can upload a movie for me? The movie code is GWAZ-038. Thank you!

  465. Peter Knight says:

    Thanks again for the exposure movies. I abide by your say: their quality is far better than what can usually be found on the Internet. Hats off m8.

  466. unseen14 says:

    This is the best jav download site i’ve ever seen… thank you so much!!!

  467. CDJ says:

    Hey there!

    Back when you used to post your uploads in various forums you once posted the movie ELO-372, a soap play themed movie with Yuu Kawakami.

    I recently lost my entire JAV collection through hard drive related shenanigans, and I wanted to ask if you still had the movie as I can’t find it anywhere else and the links in your old threads are offline. (That was still in the oron days.)

    I’d really appreciate that.

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Yea, we go way back, don’t we? I had to delete so many movies, and I’m afraid ELO-372 was one of them. I needed the space for new movies, you know. If by some chance I find it stored somewhere – on a DVD, for instance, I will upload here for you. We do indeed go way back!

  468. Peter Knight says:

    Hi Kappiah98,

    Thanks so much for the new exposure movies. Great ones indeed. You really made my day!

    Take care m8.

  469. Peter Knight says:

    Thanks for DTFA-20. Future’s exposure videos are really good. Would be great if you can get more of that series or similar. Take care.

  470. Steve Gennaro says:

    Hey Kappiah, great site! Do you take requests?

  471. japss says:

    I found quite interesting site http://www.zenra.net, but actually i don’t know how trustful this site is(i didn’t found any full video from there). Screenshots and some video samples http://www.xvideos.com/profiles/zenra-subtitled-japanese-av#_tabVideos seems ok.
    Videos is nice(quite good genres:cfnm, penis study/care, etc.), and more interesting is subtitles http://www.zenra.net/subtitles-status.htm. It is very rare that javs are with subtitles .
    Check it, maybe it is interesting for you.

  472. Tatler says:

    Hi Kappiah – this site is awesome – exactly my tastes. I must say I have not seen very much “vintage” JAV stuff anywhere – i.e. 1980s and earlier – does this even exist? Is it any good? Did they have the same themes we enjoy today?
    Something to think about.

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Actually there are. You just have to dig deeper. I have few I am currently looking at. The only problem is that the quality of filming is atrocious. It is hard to enjoy a movie when you have to keep re-adjusting your eyesight or what you are looking at. I will keep digging though.

  473. Ivan Chan says:

    YSH-004 so many dead link , cannot download, can reload them?

  474. steevi says:

    there is a problem with RGYY-078 movie near 1h21 till the end. kind of encoding problem. am i the only one??
    thanks to yall

  475. Blake says:

    mind re-upload dandy-217, the links are dead

  476. japss says:

    Interesting/funny label, games, cfnm, penis study…
    http://www.dmm.co.jp/digital/videoa/-/list/=/article=label/id=8619/ (もっこりテレビ)
    Some movies seems very nice

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Japss, those are some great finds. Their prices are a bit steep. I am going to mark them down though. Most of them will be on my upload list the first chance I get. Thanks for your find.

  477. Peter Knight says:

    Thanks for DMBA-38. When it comes donw to weird stuff, you can count on those lovely Japenese. This video is reall special. Thanks a lot for sharing this little gem.

    I’ve looked everywhere for MASD-022. Asuka is incredibly lovely. It is her 1st time doing weird stuff.


    Thanks again for your incredible dedication.

  478. SL says:

    Hi Kappiah98,

    Sorry to trouble you but dmba00115.part1.rar appears to be missing from http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/dmba-115/. Would it be possible to fix this? Thanks.

  479. japss says:

    Great!!! Thank you for prize. Lucky day!!! 🙂

    All links to part B is dead.

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Thanks for bringing the missing link to my attention. They are indeed missing and were deleted by the filehosts. Unfortunately that means it is not advisable to reload them.

  480. jim says:

    Hi great uploads can you please upload NHDT507, i have never seen this on any jav site ?

  481. type says:

    AGC-01 is my suggestion for the hard-to-find movie. If you can upload this one I’ll be really thankful

  482. G. Lopez says:

    I like the JAV actress Cocona/Serina Have been looking for MXPA-023,CVGD-001, MDB-353, MDB-372 and SCOP-173, I am willing to pay for them as well if you can find them.

  483. japss says:

    Also interesting label/maker is パラダイスTV (Paradise TV).
    Some of them movies is very nice.

  484. JG says:

    Hi, I am another fan that does not like Rapidgator. It is the least friendly of any filehost I have ever used. I am very happy that you usually offer several filehosts but sometimes Rapidgator is the only filehost for split files.

    Thanks for all the great videos!

  485. Peter Knight says:

    Congratulations for the quality of your blog. You’ve got some rare liitle gems posted here. For any Japanese porn monger, your blog is a must. Thanks again for your outstanding work.

  486. Anku says:

    I really like japanese girls legs in socks.I would like to see this title” OZVD-171 The Socks”

  487. katttie says:

    Are we getting RGYY-039 soon? also RGYY-010 file seems to be corrupted somehow half way

    thanks !

  488. Falcon26 says:

    Hi Kappiah98,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great work you do. For those of us in the USA it would be impossible to get some of this stuff. Is their any chance you could get this movie?


    I think she is great…


  489. fsskog says:

    Thank you very much for creating this site and sharing the files. May I ask to re-up the BDD-22, part5? In one link the file is broken and the other one is gone. Thanks!

  490. katttie says:

    Love this website especially for the panty-job series
    And I would like to be consider for private invite in the near future please!

    thank you Kappiah98!

  491. RayShen says:

    Do you have ARM-211 and ARMG-193?

  492. tarsonis says:

    I have been a long time visitor to your site and would hate to lose access. I want to thank you for all your hard work updating the site.

    I was also wondering if I could be invited if you do decide to go private, thank you very much.

  493. steevi says:

    thanks for your great site!
    anything on this awesome series.

  494. joblo800 says:

    if you go invite only, please invite me! you post javs of my favorite types:

    blk on azn
    multiple cumshotz

    keep it up, and keep me in plz

  495. Tonygonzo says:

    Excellent site and it’s for that you have other people who leech on you.
    So if i can be invite in the private party that will be very great

  496. Damocles says:

    I just read that you have seen a lot of leecher and reposter. I have seen your file spread in other forum. If you ever go private, Please let me join too : )

    Thank you

  497. okhcf says:

    Your site is incredibly awesome! I love it!

    Can I request movies NFDM-304 ?

    Really shame on those thieves! Cheer up! Don’t be defeated!

  498. tfbhg says:


    The Part4.rar of Video B appears to be corrupted when I try to extract 🙁 . I have tried redownloading it twice, to no avail.

  499. tfbhg says:

    I notice that recently RapidGator is the only fileshare service with files split into pieces small enough to download without premium. Is there a reason for this?

    I ask because RapidGator’s free service is the most annoying of all of them…RyuShare’s one of the best.

    Thank you for all the awesome finds you post!

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Thanks for your support. Actually I tested it and non-premium RG is much faster for me and some of the people I know than Ryushare. Ryushare is even blocked in some countries.

      • tfbhg says:

        There are other factors besides speed that make RG annoying. It is the most unforgiving. It only allows 2 or 3 captchas to be filled out per day, and if you happen to wait too long on one of those captchas, it counts it as a download anyway (i.e., adds against your captcha count and makes you wait 120 minutes, even though you never downloaded anything.) Additionally, it does not tell you how much longer you have to wait for the next download, just tells you that you can’t for a while. It’s intentionally made to be as frustrating as possible.

        RyuShare is the only file-sharing service that is fundamentally compatible with download accelerators like IDM, which is REALLY nice for those who have it (e.g., me). I’m not saying it’s perfect; you brought up a good point about some countries banning it. It’s just really nice to have RyuShare as an option for non-premium downloads!

        I would love to see it return, if it’s not too much of a hassle for you. 🙂

        • Kappiah98 says:

          Actually none of my Ryushare files are premium. They are all for free users. The issue has to do with size. Hopefully, as you say, we will return to breaking up Ryushare files for this site. We would need all the support we can to do that. It is a very expensive project; for if everyone is getting everything free there will be nothing to share.

          • tfbhg says:

            Ah, I see. I did not know there was a high cost associated with uploading the files like that, and that is indeed a hindrance. I apologize if my earlier comments sounded harsh at all; this site really is an awesome place!

          • Kappiah98 says:

            Thanks for the comments. And don’t forget to leave us a note whenever anything else comes up.

  500. japss says:


    OMG, tnx tnx tnx !!! you are my hero 🙂
    Thank you for your excellent work.

  501. Fapman says:

    Hey man, amazing site. Can you reupload http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/zex-068/
    The uploaded and RG links are dead. Thanks.

  502. japss says:

    1.2 gb, video from rapidgator links seems damaged.

  503. JG says:

    Hi, I DL’ed all four parts of http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/dmbh-002/ from ryushare (some parts are missing from rapidgator) but when I unarchive the file I get a data error and the .avi file is only 784 MB. I use file roller with Ubuntu. When I test the archive it says the file should be 1 GB but just says data error, no other info.

    Thanks for making this site. I know it is a lot of work! I have been reading your posts for many years on other sites.

    • Kappiah98 says:

      JG, Thanks for the note. You are right. Those files were a bunch of useless stuff. Who knows, perhaps they were hit by some sort of inter-galactic internet attack. Anyway, I have fixed the problem. The new files are situated here – http://www.kappiahjavstuff.net/dmbh-002-2/#more-15394.
      Hopefully the search would work fine; it has been misbehaving lately, you know; I am currently working on fixing it (the search function on this site, I mean). Thanks once again for your kind words.

  504. Jorgpl says:

    Just to inform that nps-097 link doesnt work (the link directing to the av’s page, not necessarily the download links)

  505. sua222 says:

    Any chance of KRMV-899 getting a reupload onto RapidGator? With Ryushares premium payment servers being down I’m finding it difficult to get this one downloaded on a free account.

    Also, great job on the site. Some titles you won’t find anywhere else right now are here.

  506. Bokkipockey says:

    Can you please reupload:

    HHHD-224: C0ck hungry beauty school girls get the chance to play with and [email protected] some c0cks



  507. fzi says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    Nice collection. I’m looking asw-011 asfur? Do you have it?

  508. Damocles says:

    AEDS-154 ryushare is missing part17 : (

  509. gokkunfan says:

    your site is awesome, i love it. a request, this is pertaining to the free rapigator links of mibd-403. the 3 links for part 1 downloaded fine. the links for part 2 i had problems. i tried to download the first link twice and always stopped at 48.3 mb. is there any chance you could upload part 2 of mibd-403? thanks

  510. JackFrost says:

    First of all, excellent site!
    Just two small suggestions though:

    1) Is it possible to have a page tab at the bottom so that once you hit the bottom of the page you can quickly skip to the next page without having to scroll up again?

    2) When clicking on a specific category (CFNM etc.), would it be possible to still see all the preview pictures instead of just the titles? It’ll certainly make browsing specific posts a lot more enjoyable.

    Anyways good job all in all, keep up the good work!

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Thanks for the thoughtful comments and suggestions, Frostman. Here are the answers
      1. if you go to the bottom right corner of the screen you will see a Return to the Top bottom to use. It kind of fades the further the cursor is away from it.
      2. This suggestion will doubtless make for a more easy and efficient visit. I am looking into it seriously. It might take sometime since I am not technically savvy when it comes to tweaking WordPress. Any ideas on the issue will be most welcome.

      Thanks once more for your comments and hope you found the visit as great as we found your suggestions.

  511. kimochi says:

    thanks for the redesign !

  512. japss says:

    Thank you for your encouraging reply.

  513. Chris says:

    Any change you could repost JUMP-1034? Some of the links are now broken and I’m dying to watch this one!

    Great website and keep up the great work!

  514. japss says:

    well, i understand it is not actual now, when everyday is so many uploads, but it is the only place what i know where are so many similar jav’s.

    (awesome movie)

    (jav from same series , what was uploaded here before)

    it will be great if you could upload some of them, tnx

  515. fan says:

    Please break up the file for: “XKK-028: 2-hours of hot sessions with 12 European brunettes and blondes”

    I cant download it without premium because file too big. Thanks!

  516. Marty Beckers says:

    Love the site, hoping you can post some non-premium links for GANG-011. Please! Can’t afford to go premium. Can pay you with kind wishes and happy thoughts.

  517. AMWF Fan says:

    Good assortment of videos.

    I want to request more uncensored AMWF be uploaded because honestly, who likes watching that censored crap?

  518. Bokkipockey says:

    Can you please reupload:

    HHHD-224: Cock hungry beauty school girls get the chance to play with and fuck some cocks


  519. Peter says:

    Hi Kappiah,

    your previous upload’s RG link are down/no longer found:



    post # 486

    Also, other mirrors can’t work for me.

    Please consider fixing the dead RG links.

  520. jack says:

    Looks like a great site. Will check out other downloads later,

    Try keep the labels(e.g. ARM-124, or name of website if its a web-only video kind) and the original names in the topic. Might make it more visible on search engines.

    almost miss this site 😀

    By the way, are links premium or free or both?

  521. jj says:

    respectfully requesting mugf-017. thanks for the great work.

  522. Jonathan says:

    Unbelievable collection. You got some real rare ones here. Way to go!

    Just wanted to check if you have got any of the following movies. I have been searching for them for ages. Thnx.

    ARM-113, ARM-129, ARM-132, ARMG-184, HKM-055

    BTW, I stumbled upon your site from the Akiba Aroma collection. But from what I see, you are getting popular by the day and your google ranking is quite good as well.

    • Kappiah98 says:

      Jo, thanks for the note. I have some of the movies you mentioned; or at least I had it until a week or so ago when the external hard drive with some of my files fell to the floor. I am still trying to get those files out and as soon as I do I will post them. Keep checking in.

  523. Fan says:

    I just got 3 videos I couldn’t find anywhere else of my favorite actress Mana Izumi. Thanks for everything and keep it up 😀

  524. japss says:

    omg, tnx tnx tnx, excellent uploads.

  525. kimochi says:

    first thanks for AMWF posts to SLF forum.

    any chance of changing background?

    can’t make out writing due to it.

  526. budala says:

    Hi. Can you make your screenshots a little bigger? It’s much better if a screenshot has something like 4×10 panels instead of 10×10 panels. It is very difficult to see what is going on.

    • Kappiah98 says:

      I hear you, my friend. I didn’t want to clutter up the page with big-size screenshots. Presently I use 180×180 pixels. I am going to switch to 250×250 pixels. Let me know what you think.

      • budala says:

        Sorry, i should have been more clear. I was referring to those screenshots/thumbnails that you’re generating with the Media Player Classic. Can you make them 4 columns by 10 rows, like they are on Javblog or Javhot, for example. That seems to be a good size.

        • japss says:

          I am agree with budala, thumbnails are small. Screenshots are perfect.
          Now here is your main jav uploads?

          • Kappiah98 says:

            Thanks for your comments, budala. Your suggestions are certainly well meant, and will be taken into consideration in the near future.

  527. japss says:

    Are you interested in some kind of requests? Something like list of some jav’s that is similar what are you posting(for example, same serias/director/label)?

  528. Kwasi Appiah says:

    Testing if all is right

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